Cardio Burst

Emmanuel Kallins & Steve Skinner

00:01 When he is opening the gift of the last ingection

Your Wish

Talisco - 3 Days to Kill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:24 Ethan rides his daughters bicycle home from her school.

Soul Searching


00:14 Ethan arrives home to find people living in his apartment.


Gesaffelstein - 3 Days to Kill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:00 Techno song coming from the tattoo parlour.

Love It or Leave It

Asaf Avidan - 3 Days to Kill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:55 Ethan meets his daughter at the park, they go on the ride and have hot chocolate.

Kill Me

Make the Girl Dance - Everything Is Gonna Be OK In the End (Bonus Track Version)

00:35 Ethan breaks down the door to find Zooey screaming about her hair.


The Toxic Avenger - Trax - La Compilation 1.0

01:03 Techno song from the spider club.

Persian Diva

Kunik Han

Ethan and his daughter are in the car after he picked her up from school

Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness

Ann Peebles - 99 Lbs

00:12 First song during opening credits; after Ethan is informed he has 3 months to live.

Snake Pit Lash Out

Vactrol Lovers

club scene at the end

Make It With You

Bread - Rhino Hi-Five: Bread, Vol. 2 - EP

01:28 Ethan and Zoe dance together to practice for her prom.

This Time

Dave Antrell

00:38 Christine sets up the couch for Ethan.



Ethan goes to the meeting in the club, where Vivi "learns" from the Crazy Horse Girls. (Not included on OST)

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