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Finish Line

SATV Music - Big Hitters

Trailer; (repeats) In the bathroom, Laura and Massimo.

It’s Hard For Me

Michele Morrone

00:04 Opening credits

Hard For Me

Michele Morrone - Dark Room (Bonus Edition)

Opening, Massimo and his father are shot during a meeting.

Dark Room

Michele Morrone - Dark Room

00:34 Massimo takes Laura shopping


Alex Condliffe & Lamb Hands - Indie Ballads

00:41 Laura and Massimo have dinner

The Hunted

The Rigs - World on Fire

After Laura pushes her boyfriend in the pool.

Watch Me Burn

Michele Morrone - Dark Room

00:45 Laura and Massimo shower together

Here She Comes Again

Röyksopp - The Inevitable End

01:00 Laura goes to the club in a scandalous outfit

The Time of Our Lives

The Venice Connection - The Time of Our Lives

01:02 Laura tries to make Massimo jealous at the club


Alex Condliffe - Indie Ballads

Laura has dinner with Massimo and calls her mother.

I See Red

Everybody Loves an Outlaw - I See Red - EP

01:08 Laura and Massimo spend their first time together on his boat

Kiss Me

Malo - Who Am I - EP

Car ride around Rome.

Toca Toca (Radio Edit)

Fly Project - Toca Toca (Radio Edit) - Single

01:12 Laura gets a makeover for the ball

Give 'Em Hell

Everybody Loves an Outlaw - I See Red - EP

01:26 Olga and Laura get makeovers


Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy & Wesley Smith - Indie Soul 2

01:32 Ladies and Massimo argues in the hotel room

Another Wave

Raphael Lake

01:36 Massimo takes Laura shopping for a wedding

Toca toca - Radio Edit

Fly Project - Toca Toca (Radio Edit)

Laura gets ready for the evening ball.

Coming Back

Robin Loxley - Indie Ballads

Laura in the car on the way back to Poland.

Lost In Your Eyes

Theo Chinara & Craig Hardy

Laura visits the bridal boutique.

Give Em Hell

Everybody Loves an Outlaw - I See Red - Single

At the spa, Laura and Olga get makeovers.

Don't Call Me Up

Mabel - Ivy to Roses (Mixtape)

Laura goes to a club with Olga.


Raphael Lake - Indie Soul 2

Massimo appears in Laura's apartment in Warsaw; they make love.

I Am the Fire

Ghost Monroe - Shadow

Massimo was on the plane getting head from the flight attendant, and Laura was doing woman things

Here Comes the Thunder

Lee Richardson - Tribal Pop

Laura and Massimo enjoy the scenery from the boat.

Got Silk

Billie Ray Fingers, Bruce Fingers, Steven John Pagano

Massimo and Laura‘s business meetings.

You Made A Monster

Nicholas Patrick Kingsley, Hannah Hart

Laura gets ready for dinner with Massimo.


Michal Sarapata, Mateusz Sarapata, Mateusz Gurgul

Massimo and Laura dance at the ball.

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