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One Hundred Pills Per Person

Benjamin Adair Murphy, Roy Gurel, Gilber Gilmore, Allison Langerak, Casey Shea

After Tommy learns that the woman in the parking lot saw Gypsy with a child and a dog.

Silent Night


Gypsy does a burlesque dance on stage as Sam receives a call from his father telling him to leave the house in case of emergency.

Go Away

True Jackson

Gypsy begins driving to Sam's uncle's house after deciding to bring him along.

House of the Rising Sun

Daniel Malone

Jack and Gypsy are sharing a bed.

Wait For The Sun

Savannah Outen

Sam begs to take over the driving while Gypsy takes a nap after she nearly passes out.

That's Where We Are

Abby Jeanne - That's Where We Are - Single

Tasmin returns with the luggage to the car.

House of the Rising Sun

Lulu the Giant

Jack and Gypsy are sharing a bed.

Hazel Eyes

j solomon

Gypsy takes a few minutes to relax as Sam takes the wheel, and they discuss what will happen after she drops him off.

That River (Dream)

Jac Ross

After Gypsy is shot, Sam sobs as he attempts to wake her. This is also the second end credits song.

Somebody Loves You

The Snuts - Poptimism

When Gypsy wakes up in the hospital, she gives Sam a kiss and an embrace; later, when she's better, Gypsy gives Sam a ride in a brand-new automobile. This is the first end credits song.

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