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Trouble's Comin'


Being played when Kelly and Liz leave Jacob's house on a bike

Heavenly Bliss

Shangrii-La - Shangrii-La - EP

Jacob hands kelly a pen in class


DJ Fluxx

Kelly sees Jacob in the hallway

Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)

Ofenbach - Ofenbach - EP

Key and Liv dragging the blue bag through the halls

The Kids Are Coming

Tones And I - The Kids Are Coming - EP

Kelly and Liv driving through the tunnels

X (feat. KAROL G)

Jonas Brothers - DANCE WITH JOE - EP

Playing as Kelly and liv arrive at the costume party


Danger Twins

Starts playing when Kelly lands on the couch

Lullaby For Brahms

Parry Music

Jacob playing with the toy unicorn

Lullaby For Brahms

Parry Music Library

Jacob playing with the toy unicorn

I Love Dancin'

Tisa Weathersbee - Cult Hits of the 1970's: Disco

Music plays at the Zellman costume party. Mrs. Zellman senses something is wrong with Jacob.

Sing a Happy Song

The Escorts - The Escorts

Mrs. Zellman calls Kelly from the costume party. Kelly and Liz deal with The Toadies.

Whatchugot (Pisk Remix)

Caro Emerald - Whatchugot (Pisk Remix) - Single

Starts playing as Kelly closes the door of Jacobs room at the end

On The Brink


Jacob's mum driving to the house

Girl Who Cried Wolf


Being played as the movie ends

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