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This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

Natalie Cole - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (Music from the Motion Picture)

Ending song. Sam restores the diner, Carter does the commercial and lands the girl.

The Thieving Magpie - Overture

Orchestre d'Etat du Palatinat Rhénan & Kurt Redel - Gioachino Rossini, the Thieving Magpie

00:06 Brianna and Gabriella are given synchronizes swimming lessons as Finona brags about them to their instructor and Sam rushes to bring Fiona lunch; Fiona insists Sam go to work at the diner instead of studying for a test.

Crash World

Hilary Duff - A Cinderella Story

When Sam tries to turn off the lawn sprinklers and Fiona says, "No honey, leave those on"

Rescue Me

Fontella Bass - Chess Chartbusters, Vol. 2

Fiona's Diner: Rhonda makes Sam leave for school.

Going Out With A Bang


00:10 Carter practices his lines for a play, as Sam waits to drive him to school.

Never Gonna Stop

Johanna Halverson

Sam is hanging out with her dad. The song is actually 'This will be (An everlasting love) by Natalie Cole

First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

MxPx - Before Everything & After

First scene in the High School when the 'daily drought reminder to conserve agua' is given

Never Gonna Stop

Johanna Halvarsson

00:12 Playing on Shelby's car stereo as she parks.

Tear the Roof Off

Lo ft. Misery III

00:13 Austin steals the second parking spot that Sam was going for.


Kaitlyn Harner - So Real

when Sam and Austin kiss in the rain after Austin tells his dad he quits



00:15 Sam text messages with 'Nomad' and he asks when they can meet; montage of Sam and Austin texting and instant messaging throughout the day; Austin asks Sam to meet him at the homecoming dance.

Dixie Horn Sound Effect

Daniel Decatur Emmett

00:21 Brianna and Gabriella's car horn sounds as they drive up to the car wash.

Dixie Horn Sound Effect

Daniel Decatur Emmett

00:21 Brianna and Gabriella's car horn sounds as they drive up to the car wash.

Coming Right Back

Soul Patrol

00:25 Eleanor asks Sam to cover the table with her classmates; Austin tells Shelby she wants to break up.

I Need Your Loving

Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford

00:23 Sam sees several of her classmates arrive at the diner, then she runs into Fiona; Rhonda watches as Fiona takes money from the till and stuffs it in her bra, then warns Fiona what will happen if she's fired.

Falling for You

Busted - A Present for Everyone

Sam tries on Halloween costumes.

Stolen Kisses

The Peak Show

00:31 Students arrive at the Halloween Homecoming dance; Gabriella complains about Brianna's choice of Siamese cat costume; Carter sets an alarm on Sam's phone so she can get back to the diner on time.

The Best Day Of My Life

Robert D. Palmer

Sam makes her entrance at Homecoming.

Hit the Decks

Cirrus - Hit the Decks/Unbreakable - Single

00:34 Carter reassures Sam that Nomad will like her; Sam waits under the disco ball for Nomad and is joined by Terry, who shows off his dance moves.

The Best Day of My Life

Robert Palmer

00:33 Sam makes her entrance at the dance.

Where Ur At

1200 Techniques - Where Ur At - EP

00:39 David aggressively suggests to Shelby that they get together, as Carter comes to her rescue.

I'll Be

Edwin McCain - Whatever: Hits of the '90s

Sam and Austin dance at Homecoming.

Straight Laid Out

Cirrus - Straight Laid Out - Single

Terry's starts dancing around Sam

I Met a Girl

Wheat - Per Second, Per Second, Per Second... Every Second

00:51 School announcement about King and Queen of the Homecoming dance; Sam asks Carter how long he's grounded.

Storm Warning

The Volcanos - Cooler Than Ice: Arctic Records and the Rise of Philly Soul

00:50 The diner staff delay Fiona as Sam finally manages to sneak into the kitchen.

To Make You Feel My Love

Josh Kelly

Sam and Austin talk at the diner. Sam almost reveals herself to him.

Spanish Flea

Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass

00:57 David starts introducing all the girls that say they were with Austin at the dance.

Now You Know

Kara DioGuardi

Sam packs her stuff. Austin watches her in school.

To Make You Feel My Love

Josh Kelley

01:05 Rhonda and the others encourage Sam to take Austin's order; Austin and Sam talk about not being accepted for who they really are; Sam's confession is interrupted by Fiona's arrival.



The cheerleaders perform before the Homecoming game; Sam goes into the guys' locker room to confront Austin.

Hear You Me

Jimmy Eat World - Story's Changed

Sam is watching Austin play and decides to leave before the end. He stops and kisses her just in time for the rain.


Fan 3 - Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

01:20 The cheerleaders perform before the Homecoming game; Sam goes into the guys' locker room to confront Austin.

Anywhere But Here

Hilary Duff - Metamorphosis / Hilary Duff / Dignity

When Austin and Sam drive off to Princeton

One In This World

Haylie Duff

01:33 End credits, song #2.

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