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The Best Christmas

Laura Marano

00:01 Opening credits.

Jingle Bells

APM Christmas Classics Ensemble - A Little Christmas

00:04 Mr. Mujiza yells at Kat for being late to her job as a Christmas Elf.

Toys Toys Toys

Laura Marano, Isabella Gomez, Jordyn Kane

00:07 Kat and Dominic stop to watch Isla and some other elves performing a song, then Kat goes up to join them.

Almost Christmas

David Jones, Tom Howe

00:12 Montage of Kat doing chores around the house and working on the invitations.

Jingle Bells

Laura Marano, Isabella Gomez

00:26 Isla and Kat perform a Holiday Gram for a pair of seniors.

Deck The Halls

Laura Marano, Isabella Gomez

00:28 Kat and Isla get a door slammed in their face while performing a Holiday Gram.

Christmas With You

Philip Panton, Tom Barnes

00:28 Kat arrives home with Chinese food and discovers her step family decorated for Christmas without her.

Everybody's Home for Christmas

Mark Roberts, Paul Fletcher & Patrick Sturrock - Christmas

00:30 Dominic walks in on Kat and Isla hugging, then he asks if he can do anything to help Kat.

I Want to Dance with Father Christmas

Roger Drew - The Christmas Album: A Festive Spectacle

00:35 Montage of Kat and the others working at Santa Land.

Santa Brought Me You

Laura Marano, Luke Dimond

00:45 Montage of Dominic and Kat singing around Santa Land.

Take It Off

Dion Howell, Derek Lewars & Duffy Sylvander - Lolly Pop

00:53 Dominic's friends express disbelief over him liking someone over Skylar; the doorbell rings announcing Kat's arrival.

Christmas Spirit

David Arnold & Paul Hart - Classic Lines: String Quartet

01:01 Deidre, Grace and Joy arrive at the gala.

What Elves Are For

The Math Club, Ryan Frank

01:08 Kat tries to fit into the elf performance at the gala.


Opus Orange - Balance - EP

01:21 Terrence reveals he always knew about Dominic's business; Dominic asks Kat to dance; end credits.

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