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Pop Muzik

3rd Party - A Night At the Roxbury (Music From the Motion Picture)

Steve and Doug are driving in the car while nodding there head and doing hand signals at the camera. They get pulled over by the cops.

What Is Love


First song, opening credits. Steve and Doug are dancing around the club making fools of themselves.


Bamboo - A Night At the Roxbury (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:03 Playing at the Mudd Club. Doug (Chris Kattan) and Steve (Will Ferrell) are talking to two girls who are uninterested.

Beautiful Life

Ace of Base - Ace of Base: Classic Remixes Extended

00:05 Doug and Steve try to get into the Roxbury. They're told to get to the end of the line.

Where Do You Go

No Mercy - No Mercy

00:07 Doug and Steve get to the front of the line, but are told the Roxbury is closed. Continues in the morning when Steve is sticking a twizzler in Dougs nose.

Stayin' Alive

The Bee Gees - Madagascar (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:09 Steve and Doug are walking down the street in black see-through suits listening to this song.

That Old Black Magic

The Chuckie Cahn Orchestra

00:11 Song at the wedding store.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

N-Trance ft. Rod Stewart - A Night At the Roxbury (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:18 Steve and Doug get ready for their night out and prepare there hair and bodies in the mirror.

Make That Money

Robi Rob's Club World - A Night At the Roxbury (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:22 Doug and Steve are trying to bribe the bouncer to get into the Roxbury.

Be My Lover

La Bouche - Sweet Dreams

00:27 Doug and Steve are talking to the owner of the Roxbury. Doug tells the owner his club ideas. The hotties come over and want to dance with them.

This Is Your Night

Amber - The Hits Remixed

00:29 Doug and Steve dance with the hot girls who are actually into them.

Disco Inferno

Cyndi Lauper - A Night At the Roxbury (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:34 Playing at the pool party, Doug and Steve suggest the glass over the pool idea.



00:49 Doug and Steve are driving on the highway after the girls get mad mad at them after they find out they're just ugly losers. They both fight in the car.

Everybody Hurts

R.E.M. - Automatic for the People

00:50 Steve watches out the window as Doug moves to the other house. Montage as Doug empties his bag and goes to clubs on his own.

Careless Whisper

Tamia - Tamia

00:54 Steve goes on a date with Emily. Emily throws out stuff in his room as he crys. They have sex in the pool.

He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother

The Hollies - The Hollies' Greatest Hits

01:01 Steve knocks on Doug's room but he doesn't answer. Steve calls him and Doug pretends to be an answering machine.

Secret Garden

Bruce Springsteen - Jerry Maguire (Music from the Motion Picture)

01:08 Steve and Doug apologize to each other and throw stones into the water. They hug on the bridge.


Faithless - Passing the Baton - Live from Brixton

01:11 Song as Doug and Steve discover the new club based on their ideas. The club is on the outside and the street is on the inside.

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