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Good Times Ahead

Okay Babe

The song is the opening theme.

Forever and a Day

Jeremiah Burnham - Burnham Would

Amanda returns home after getting her nails done, believing that her boyfriend of 5 years, John, has arranged a proposal for her.


Pixel Neko

Sinh, her tour guide in Vietnam, and his cousin Anh meet Amanda at the airport in Vietnam. Amanda's supervisor wants to buy the company owned by her father.

Cho Không


Amanda heads to the rooftop after checking into the hotel to meet Sinh and the rest of the tour group.

Tình Mơ

Phương Tâm

The group goes to a local market. Amanda takes notes on the travel evaluation.

Heart Light


Sinh alters the itinerary and takes the group on an off-the-beaten-path diversion after she tells him she wants to be spontaneous with her trip.

Em Chào Tết

Bích Phương

Sinh has invited the group to his hometown to celebrate Tet (the New Year). Amanda is staying with Sinh's grandmother. Before the party, they must clean the area.


Emily Vu

It's Tet morning, and Amanda's employer has texted her wondering if they should make an offer to Anh's father to buy the company. Sinh has arrived at his grandmother's residence.

Đi Đu Đưa Đi

Bích Phương

The group is ringing in the New Year. Everyone is having a fantastic time, laughing, and enjoying the meal. Sinh leads Amanda to the dance floor.

Miss You


Sinh has gone to be with his father after learning that Amanda's company has purchased the family business. Amanda pursues him, revealing her actual sentiments and the company's desire to keep Sinh as the tour guide.

Falling Into Place

Leah Nobel

Amanda locates Sinh and informs him that he will be overseeing the company alongside Anh. He asks her what she prayed for in Hanoi, and she replies, "A happy life." He then asks her how she intends to accomplish this, to which she responds that she knows a guy. They embrace and kiss each other. The credits roll at the end.

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