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Burn My Tongue

Jean Dawson

Joey gets into the vehicle and exits the mansion. This is the end credits song.

Abigail Suite

Brian Tyler

When Abigail gets in the car, the team follows.

Glamorous Lifestyle

The Jacka

When Dean asks Sammy whether she has a boyfriend, he puts this song on in the car.

In Position

Brian Tyler

The crew is advised by Sammy that the entrance door is clear. They go into the mansion ahead of Abigail.


Brian Tyler - Battle: Los Angeles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Abigail is brought before their boss by the team.

Goodbye, Good Luck, God Bless You

Buck Owens

After Lambert departs the home, the group gathers at the bar.

Painted History

Brian Tyler

Dean peruses the mansion and examines the artwork on the walls.

It Will Be Dark Soon

Brian Tyler

When they witness Abigail transform into a vampire, everyone goes crazy.

Bite Me

Brian Tyler

Lambert is dared by Frank to bite him.

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