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Big Balling

Christopher Davis, James Desmond, Jo'lise Grant, Mikhail O. Johnson, Panauh Kalayeh

00:02 Adam leaves the party. He tries to get his friend Brad to leave with him.

Big Balling

Cheif C

00:02 Adam leaves the party. He tries to get his friend Brad to leave with him.


Paper Music

00:25 Adam talks to Gillian outside the party.

Wooden Guitar

Paper Music

00:43 Ethan helps Adam find a shirt for his birthday.

Let Us Dance

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Keyboard Fantasies

00:04 Adam travels to New York.

Up And Down

Misstress Barbara

00:13 Adam makes out with the girl at the bathroom stalls before calling it off.

Hella Nervous

Gravy Train!!!!

00:18 Adam finds Casey working on a sign for the rally.

You Do the Math

Tara De Long

01:17 Playing on the stereo at Camp Trans.

Slurp & Wobble

Nerk & Dirk Leyers - Fear My Fire - EP

00:13 Adam goes to a Lesbian bar. He meets a girl there.

Da Bomb

DJ Deeon - Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1995

00:21 Adam, Casey and her friends goes to Carlos’ party. Adam gets into an argument with Casey.

Las Mananitas (Mariachi Version)

Carlos Periguez - Authentic Mexico

00:44 Adam is with Casey’s friends at a Mexican restaurant. He talks to them about transitioning.

Don't Make Me Cry

Making Friendz - Social Life

00:24 Adam meets Gillian at the party.

Jack 2 Jack

Panash - Jack 2 Jack - Single

00:48 Adam surprises Gillian with the bondage mask.


Sacha Link - Romy - Single

00:49 Adam and Casey watch the performance.


Slumber Party - 3

00:50 Adam recognizes Gillian’s prom photo and asks her about it. They start making out in bed.

Sweepstakes Prize

Mirah - You Think It's Like This, But Really It's Like This

00:59 Adam and Gillian make out in bed when Adam gets a call from Brad.

Yolo Swag

Charlie Tenku - Swag

00:01 Adam smokes from a bong with a young girl. He tries to make a move on her.

Musique automatique

Stereo Total

00:43 Adam talks with Casey roommate about pronouns.


Erase Errata - Night Life

00:03 Playing in Casey’s room as Adam calls her, asking to room with her for the summer.

I Think Somebody Should Call the Love Doctor

Stereo Total

00:06 Adam drinks Beers with Casey’s roommates. Casey invites Adam to an “L Party”.

Ahha (It's a Good Thing)

Nedra Johnson - Nedra

00:08 Adam, Casey and her friends watch a show about a trans person.

Two 99s

Andy Vale - Public Performance

00:33 Faintly heard in the background as Adam talks to Gillian about the Lady in the Water movie.

Mexican Siesta

Joel Goodman - World Tour: Music from Around the World

00:36 Adam talks to Gillian about Berkeley at a restaurant.


Ani DiFranco - Dilate

01:04 Adam, Gillian and her friends sing this song at the karaoke.

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Horoscope - Sangron Volume 1

00:46 Adam, Casey and her friends go to a women’s only club. Adam goes into the bathroom and finds a bondage mask.

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