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Daye Jack - Surf the Web

00:46 Hardin gets into a fight

Out of Love

Alessia Cara - The Pains of Growing

00:55 Tess and Noah break up

Like That

Bea Miller - Chapter Two: Red - Single

01:23 Hardin leaves. Tessa is seen waiting.

Wild and Reckless

Young Bizzle

00:21 Tessa leaves the party

Do It For Fun


00:13 Steph & Tessa get ready for a party at the frat house


T. Flex

00:15 Tessa meets Steph’s friends / Truth or Dare scene

Feel Something Good


when they drive to the college

Kiss the Sun

We Are the Fury - Kiss the Sun - Single

Tessa walks into dorm for first time

Still on Top

Kate York - Still on Top - Single

00:28 Hardin & Tessa at the cafe when Hardin asks her if they can start over

Show & Tell

Sugar & The Hi Lows - Sugar & The Hi Lows

When they enter the wedding reception (backyard)

Someone to You

BANNERS - Someone to You - Single

Library Scene (and Montage)


Olivia O'Brien - Complicated - Single

Tessa goes through closet and puts on makeup


Yoke Lore - Goodpain EP

Montage and Aquarium Scene


James Bay - Electric Light

Wedding Scene / First Time


Freya Ridings - Blackout - Single

When Tessa finds out the truth

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