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A Whole New World

Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle

Aladdin takes Jasmine on a magic carpet ride through the city.

Main Title

Alan Silvestri - Red 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)

A portion is heard in various sneak peeks from the VHS releases of The Great Mouse Detective and Beauty and the Beast.

Main Titles - The Little Mermaid (Score)

Alan Menken - The Little Mermaid (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)

A portion of the song is used in the theatrical trailer to highlight The Little Mermaid.

Legend of the Lamp

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

The Peddler introduces Agrabah to the audience as he proceeds to tell the story about the magical lamp.


Alan Menken - Beauty and the Beast (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

The ending portion of the song is used in the theatrical trailer to highlight Beauty and the Beast.

On a Dark Night

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Gazeem gives the other half of a golden beetle to Jafar. The beetle guides Jafar to the Cave of Wonders. Jafar orders Gazeem to retrieve the lamp inside.

One Jump Ahead (Reprise) [Soundtrack Version]

Brad Kane - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Aladdin vows to Abu that they'll live in a palace, and be rich one day.

Arabian Nights

Bruce Adler - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

The beggar begins singing this song in order to set up the movie.

Jasmine Runs Away

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Jasmine sneaks out of the palace, but Rajah does not want her to leave.

One Jump Ahead

Brad Kane - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Aladdin dodges the king's guard in the public square.

Friend Like Me

Robin Williams - NOW That's What I Call Disney 3

Genie is putting on his best show in order to convince Aladdin to make wishes.

The Cave of Wonders

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Aladdin and Abu explore the cave where they discover a lamp.

Prince Ali

Robin Williams - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Genie furnishes Aladdin with an entourage of exotic animals and servants to parade through the city.

Prince Ali (Reprise) [Soundtrack Version]

Jonathan Freeman - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Jafar exposes Aladdin's true self before banishing him, Abu and carpet.

The Kiss

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Jasmine realizes that Aladdin is the same person from the market. Aladdin pretends to deny all of it. Aladdin brings Jasmine home and they share their first kiss.

Aladdin's World

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Aladdin breaks his promise to Genie. Iago mimics Jasmine's voice to lead Aladdin away from the lamp before stealing it.

The Ends of the Earth

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Aladdin races to get back to Agrabah.

Happy End In Agrabah

Alan Menken - Aladdin (Original Soundtrack)

Sultan changes the law which allowed Jasmine to marry Aladdin. For his third and final wish, Aladdin frees Genie who then gives his farewell. The movie ends with Genie breaking fourth wall.

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