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How You Like Me Now (TM Juke Remix)

The Heavy - How You Like Me Now - EP

00:07 Melvin and Luicille drive to the the courthouse.

How You Like Me Now

The Heavy - The House That Dirt Built

00:07 Melvin and Luicille drive to the the courthouse.

Rockaway Beach

Ramones - Rocket to Russia (Deluxe Edition)

00:09 Melvin is partying with some girls,


Trilucid - A State of Trance Radio Top 15 - January 2010 (Including Classic Bonus Track)

00:11 Second song at the party as Melvin's friend Lucas arrives at the party.

Do You Ever Wonder?


00:13 Melvin is singing gospel songs at the church. (1:24) End credits.


J Banks

00:21 Melvin and Lucille meet a group of drug dealers.

Figure It Out

Royal Blood - Royal Blood

00:32 Melvin narrates about narcatics as he tracks down the burglers.


Corderoy - Running - Single

00:35 Melvin is partying and consumings drug when he has a stroke.

Forget About the Trouble

the Graveltones - Don't Wait Down

00:44 Melvin's trainning montage.

Dark Disco

Corderoy - Dark Disco - Single

00:50 Melvin and Lucille arrive at Danny's party.

Franchise Player (feat. C-Dubb)

Evenodds - The Revision - Deluxe Edition

00:53 Melvin watches Nathan sell drugs to kids.

Touch the Ceiling Fan (feat. Cuzin Bawb & Madli Kents)

Thunny Brown - The Dragonfly Jones EP (feat. Cuzin Bawb & Madli Kents) - EP

00:55 Plays in Nathan's car as he drives by Melvin and Jimmy and curses them off.



00:56 Melvin confronts Nathan's gang about the drugs. (1:15) Melvin uses his powers to apprehend Nathan's gang outside the parking lot.

Shay's Secret

Eva Abraham

00:57 Melvin's family eats cake with Ryan.

Hard To Love (Feat. Nicole Taylor)

Joey Martinez

01:07 Melvin and his friends invite girls to the party.

As the Rush Comes (Radio Edit)

Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes - EP

01:08 Melvin is making out with multiple women at the party.

The Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Sir Charles Makerras - Christmas Classics

01:15 Melvin is listening to this song in the car as he drives to Nathan's location.

Fishin With New Edition

Champagne Champagne - Swine? My Brother...

01:16 Melvin fights Nathan's men at the neighborhood.

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