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Bounce It (feat. Wale & Trey Songz) [Explicit Version]

Juicy J - Stay Trippy

The mag crew pass by Star and her siblings. Corey moons them from the van as they pull into the Kmart; (repeats) Jake lotions up Krystal while Katniss gives a lap dance at the motel.

We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)

Rihanna - Talk That Talk (Deluxe Edition)

Jake and the sales crew dance to this song inside the grocery store while he's teasing Star

Bounce It (feat. Trey Songz & Wale)

Juicy J - Stay Trippy

00:01 First song as Jake and his crew drive pass by Star. (1:07) Kystal plays this song as Jake applies lotion on her legs. (1:48) Star spots Jake on the road.

We Found Love


Song is playing loudly inside the Kmart when Star goes in to look at Jake. Also played when the teens reach the oil fields and the girls exit the van dancing for the workers.

Beginning of Anything

Quigley - American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:04 Star and the kids follow Jake's crew into a K-Mart.

Beginning of Anything (Bonus Track)

Quigley - Initium - EP

Star gives Kelsey & Ruben some money to go buy a soda while she waits by the check stands at Kmart.

Uber Everywhere


00:09 Jake offers Star a job before his crew picks him up at the parking lot. (0:28) The crew arrive at Kansas City. (0;54) After making sales at the houses, Pagan asks the crew to change the song.

Take Your Time

Sam Hunt - Montevallo

00:11 Nathan plays this song as he dances with Star.

I Don't Dance

Lee Brice - I Don't Dance

00:15 Nathan is singing along to this song in another room as Star and the kids sneak out the house.

Copperhead Road

Steve Earle - Live from Austin, TX: Steve Earle

00:16 Star enters the country club and talks to Misty about leaving the kids with her.

Out the Mud

Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 2: A Gangsta Grillz Special Edition

00:24 The crew sing along to this song in the van as they exit Motel 6.

I Don't Fuck With You (feat. E-40)

Big Sean

00:25 Austin sings this song in the van.

I Don't F**k With You (feat. E-40)

Big Sean - Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe)

Austin briefly raps, "Dumbass bitch, I ain't fuckin' with you!" before they all introduce themselves.

Choices (Yup)

E-40 - Sharp On All 4 Corners (Deluxe Edition)

The Sales Crew is in the Parking Lot of the Motel and jamming to this song

Ride (feat. Ludacris)

Ciara - Ride (feat. Ludacris) - Single

00:49 The first house Jake and Star try to sell. The customer's daughter and her friends dance to the song in the background.

Recharge & Revolt

The Raveonettes - Raven In the Grave (Bonus Version)

Jake and star are riding on the top of the van

Recharge & Revolt

The Raveonettes & Sune Rose Wagner - American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:55 Pagan plays this song in the van as Jake and Star sit on top of the the van.

No Type

Rae Sremmurd - SremmLife

Star sing this song in the van

No Type

Rae Sremmurd, Mike Williams, A.Brown & K. Brown - American Honey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:11 The crew arrive at a suburban neighborhood. (2:30) The van arrives to pick up the crew.

Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys

Ed Bruce

01:13 Jake sings this song as Star gets into a car with three cowboys.

Mama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Ed Bruce - Ed Bruce - EP

Playing as Star gets into the car with 3 Cowboys.

Fade into You

Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See

Jake confront Star about how much money she make in their stolen car

Bricks (feat. Migos)

Carnage, iLoveMakonnen, D. Blackmon & M. Sheran

01:32 Jake and Star arrive at Loser's Night.

Bricks (feat. Migos)

Carnage - All Trap Music, Vol. 4

Sales Crew is having a bonfire party at the back of the Motel

Happy Birthday to You

Mildred Hill & Patty Hill

01:36 The crew sings a happy birthday to Pagan.

Happy Birthday To You

Mildred J. Hill & Patty S. Hill

Singing Pagan Happy Birthday as they're getting in the van to go to another city.

Happy Birthday

Mildred Hill & Patty Hill

The crew sings a happy birthday to Pagan.

I Like Tuh

Carnage & iLoveMakonnen - I Like Tuh - Single

After Krystal distributed the clothes for the crew.

I Like Tuh

Carnage - I Like Tuh - Single

Crew gets dropped off in new neighborhood.

I Like Tuh (feat. I LOVE MAKONNEN)

Carnage, iLoveMakonnen, D. Blackmon & M. Sheran - Papi Gordo

01:59 The crew is dropped off at the new neighborhood to make a sell.

Careless Love

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Ease Down the Road

02:08 Star gets into the car with the worker.

U Guessed It

OG Maco

02:18 The crew arrive at Rapid City.

I Kill Children

Dead Kennedys

02:26 A little girl sings this song to Star

Dream Baby Dream

Bruce Springsteen - High Hopes

Star is rides with the truck and she said she know the song on the radio and they talk about their dreams

American Honey

Lady A - Need You Now

Jake returns to the crew they then sing this as they're going down the road.

God's Whisper


02:34 The crew dances along the bonfire as Star takes a swim in the lake.

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