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Love Muscle


Opening credits and opening scene with Jim trying to watch the porn channel; (repeats) Jim starts to 'play' with the apple pie.

New Girl

Third Eye Blind

00:04 Opening credits start, opens at high school

You Wanted More


01:24 Michelle says her 'This one time, at band camp" line. They then head to the bedroom.


blink-182 - Enema of the State

When Nadia was about to get naked and Jim was running to go to where Finch and Kevin were watching the live video stream from Jim's room


Sugar Ray - 14:59

00:11 Stifler is teasing oz about his failed attempt at getting a girl

Super Down

Super Transatlantic - Shuttlecock

00:19 The boys are at 'Dog Years' again, talking about their pact.

Find Your Way Back Home

Dishwalla - American Pie (Music from the Motion Picture)

01:16 Jim and Michelle walk up to Stiflers lake. She begins to tell a story.

Good Morning Baby

Dan Wilson, Bic Runga - American Pie

Oz and Heather talk about college while he makes her a sub at his work.

Stranger By The Day

Shades Apart - Eyewitness

00:15 The guys are talking about Stiflers mum and see Sherman with a girl.


Bic Runga - Drive

Vickie and Kevin and Heather and Oz make love for the first time.

Vintage Queen

Goldfinger - The Best of Goldfinger

00:07 At Stiflers party, Sherman is telling Jim and Kevin his plan to get the 'central chick'.

Man With the Hex

The Atomic Fireballs - Scooby-Doo (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:14 Vicky tells Jessica she's never had an orgasm.

At Last

Etta James - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Vol. 2: 1992-1994 (Live)

Jim walks over to Nadia at Stifler's party.

Good Morning Baby

Dan Wilson - American Pie

Oz and Heather talk about college while he makes her a sub at his work.

Celebrity Skin

Hole - Celebrity Skin

Kevin is trying to give Vickie her first big O

Walk, Don't Run - Stereo

The Ventures - Walk Don't Run

Paul Finch runs to the toilets.


Blink 182

00:49 Nadia makes Jim Strip

Don't You Forget About Me

Steve Schiff and Keith Forsey

Jim, Kevin, Oz, & Finch talk at the prom.

Good Morning Baby

Dan Wilson and Bic Runga

00:56 Heather goes to Oz's work, he gives her a hot dog

Do You Believe in Magic

John Sebastian

00:23 Oz and his classmates sing this in choir class

Everything to Everyone

Everclear - Ten Years Gone - The Best of Everclear 1994-2004

01:22 montage, Oz and Heather kiss on the docks, Kevin and Vicki have sex in the house.

Flagpole Sitta

Harvey Danger - Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Original Soundtrack)

Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch are trying to come up with ways to lose their virginity,

Following A Star

Duke Daniels

Getting ready for prom.

Going To Hell

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Strung Out In Heaven

00:05 The boys are eating at 'Dog Years' before heading to Stiflers party

I Walk Alone

Oleander - February Son

00:09 Stifler opens the door to find the band geeks. He rejects them from the party.

Love Muscle

The SEX-O-RAMA Band - Sex-O-Rama, Vol.2 - Classic Adult Film Music

00:01 Universal logo comes up, Jim is watching pornography in his room

Semi-Charmed Life

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (20th Anniversary Edition)

01:29 They all meet up at 'Dog Years' after the party.

Midnight at the Oasis

David Nichtern

01:11 The band plays this at the prom

Turn It Around

Five Easy Pieces

00:28 Kevin is asking his brother tips on giving his girlfriend an orgasm

Walk, Don't Run

The Ventures - Greatest Hits of 1960, Vol. 4

When Paul Finch runs to the toilets

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