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Comin' in Hotta

Halo Sol - Comin' in Hotta - Single

Anyone But You (2023) - Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp

Didn't I (Dave Allison Rework)


When Bea walks into a café and requests to use the restroom, the staff informs her that it is only available to patrons.

bad idea right?

Olivia Rodrigo

Anyone But You (2023) - Sydney Sweeney, Glen Powell, Alexandra Shipp

Didn't I

Darondo - Listen To My Song: The Music City Sessions

After leaving the café, Ben and Bea stroll through a park.

The Spins

Mac Miller

This is the opening credits song.

Photo ID

Remi Wolf - I'm Allergic To Dogs! - EP

Notifying their guests that their wedding will take place in Sydney, Claudia and Halle send out video invitations.


Natasha Bedingfield - The Hills (The Soundtrack)

Ben has this song playing on his headset.


Dominic Fike

Pete takes Ben and Bea on a journey throughout Sydney.

The Vacationer

Hungry Kids of Hungary - Escapades

Bea's parents go along the shore.

Bang Bang

Hippo Campus

Ben and Bea are asked by Carol to go get Roger's sunglasses from the ship.


Declan McKenna

Bea informs her parents that she is in Ben's company.


Portugal. The Man

For a party, the family board a yacht.

Got Me Started

Troye Sivan & Gordi

Leo informs Ben's parents that they view Jonathan as a son.

Anyone But You

Still Woozy

Ben makes love to Bea.

Loving You

Wet Leg

Ben works out on the beach while Bea floats in the pool.

Connecting Dots

Kate Bollinger

The guests take a car to the wedding of Halle and Claudia.

Outta My Head

Mel Wesson

At the wedding, the guests dance to this song.

Lancaster Nights

Charlie Burg

The wedding cake was cut by Halle and Claudia.

Bottle Rocket

Jimi Somewhere - Nothing Gold Can Stay

At the Opera House, Ben tells Bea that Margaret gave him a kiss.

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