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Blues & Bliss

Morgan Z Whirledge

Max explains his backstory to the bar patrons.

Valse Lente & Valse Bleu

The Morrie Morrison Orchestra - Post WW1 Gramophone Era

The Manager’s henchmen informs him that Krieg is dead.

One On One

Silverman Brothers

Hamster visits Melissa at Trendible headquarters and tries to get hired there by showing her videos he’s filmed in the city.

Kingdom Of D'mt

Karl Hector & The Malcouns

Indigo visits “The Manager” at his office and tries to convince help him to expand his drug empire.

Come Meh Way

Sudan Archives - Sudan Archives - EP

Indigo is making Spirulina Balls at the kitchen when Hamster returns to the apartment. Indigo finds out that Hamster has been sharing photos of drug dealers and warns him to keep a low profile as she’s trying to get him into college.

Cry, Cry, Cry

Kenneth Ruffin - Carnival "Soul" Classics, Vol. 2

Hamster brings Max to a diner to get him some food. Max explains the events leading up to him ending up at Hamster’s dimension and his powers.

Mercury: Retrograde


Indigo arrives at Krieg’s apartment.

One Zero Zero


Playing in the delinquent’s car as he does circles around the parking lot, disrupting Max’s conversation with Hamster. Max takes on the vehicle.

No Gods, No Cats

Power Blush

Finn and Decker enter Indigo’s apartment. Finn questions Indigo about Krieg.

Henry Lee

Dick Justice

The Manager sings this song in the middle of the gunfight with Indigo at Cleo’s headquarters.

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