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Pack Up Your Sorrows

Mimi and Richard Farina - Celebrations for a Grey Day

Opening scene; (repeats) End scene; 1st credits song.

Baby, Baby All The Time

Frankie Laine

In the living room, Barbara is dancing with her spouse.

I Wish I Was the Moon

Neko Case - Blacklisted

Barbara wakes up Abigail and Nathan while Eugene is cursing, and they go to a new place to spend the night.

Happy Birthday To You


The cast is playing the song on Eugene's birthday.

Voz Geven Iz Geven Un Nito

Dianna Agron

[Cover of David Meyerowitz's "Vos Geven Iz Geven Un Nito (What Was, Was, and Is No More)"]


Phil Ochs

In the living room, Darrin, Abigail, and Barbara are embracing.

Couldn't Wish More for You

Roseanne Reid - The September Tapes - Single

He's being carried away; Abigail's father passed away.

Pack Up Your Sorrows

Mini and Richard Farina

(repeat) End scene; 1st credits song.

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