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Blue Monday '88

New Order - Total (Deluxe Version)

00:01 In the very beginning, James Gascoigne is running away, then chased down by Yuri Bakhtin.

Blue Monday (From "Atomic Blonde")

HEALTH - Blue Monday (From "Atomic Blonde") - Single

Brief excerpt of a slow section, when Delphine is on her motorcycle tailing Lorraine

99 Luftballons

Nena - Despicable Me 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Brutal interrogation scene with the skateboard

Blue Monday

New Order - 80's Fundamentals

Blue Monday '88 Opening scene. / Official TRAILER

Voices Carry

'Til Tuesday - Atomic Blonde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As she talks to handlers in the interrogation room with flashbacks to Delphine's apartment where Delphine is fighting with David Percival. Also earlier on radio when Delphine tells her about Percival.

Der Kommissar

After the Fire - Radio Hits of the 80s

00:36 Lorraine arrives to a bar and meets Delphine Lasalle.

Behind the Wheel

Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel

(0:31) The KGB trying to assassinate while protesters are marching En route avec Percival pour exfiltrer Spyglass (qui a mémorisé la liste dans sa tête).

Father Figure

George Michael - Faith (Remastered)

Song Lorraine puts on when she finds herself pinned down in Gascoigne's apartment

Der Kommissar - 7" Version

After the Fire

Lorraine arrives to a bar and meets Delphine Lasalle.

Under Pressure

Queen - Queen Rock Montreal

End scene & final credits

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

David Bowie - The Best of David Bowie 1980/1987

In Lorraine's apartment scene at the start of the movie when she burns a photo of her and Gascoigne and then gets dressed

Fight the Power

Public Enemy - Do the Right Thing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Break dancing / interrogation scene. Introduction of Percival in East Berlin as Lorraine explains in interrogation

Major Tom

Peter Schilling - The Blacklist (Music from the Television Series)

Lorraine flying out of London; continues into car fight scene with the Russians through Percival's "Don't shoot, I've got your shoe."

I Ran (So Far Away)

A Flock of Seagulls - Now That's What I Call the 80s

Intense car chase with Theron trying to get Eddie Marsan's character, Spyglass, out of East Berlin. She is driving an East German police car and shooting at her pursuers.

Under Pressure

Queen & David Bowie - The Platinum Collection (Greatest Hits I, II & III)

01:46 Lorraine is inside the elevator towards the end of the movie and meets with Emmett Kurzfeld, End credits.

Black Skinhead

Kanye West - Yeezus

Used in the trailer.

As Time Goes By

Michael Parnell

00:37 Delphine talks to Lorraine about her occupation at the bar.

Fastidious Horses

Vladamir Vysotsky

01:43 Lorraine meets with Bremovych at a hotel room in Paris.

Personal Yeezus


Not in the film.

Drinking Song

Alfred Kluten - Around the World in 80 Minutes 3

01:31 A man is busking in the streets as Lorraine rings the buzzer to the apartment.



The scene when David is working on the watch/reading the list on microfilm, drinking Jack Daniel's. Marilyn Manson's cover of Stigmata is in the film, NOT the Ministry version.

Fastidious Horses

Vladimir Vysotsky

Bremovych and Lorraine meets in a Parisian apartment and he puts this music on


Marilyn Manson - Atomic Blonde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

(00:57) Lorraine calls a phone # and a voice says "Satchel has been compromised". Percival reads the names of the intelligent agents from the List. Percival calls Lorraine to meet him at a strip club.

Der Commissar

After the Fire

Theron walks into a bar and first meets Delphine.

Cities In Dust

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Atomic Blonde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Lorraine playing back her recorded conversations from the bar, re-hears Delphine''s invite to the club

The Politics of Dancing

Re-Flex - Eighties Songs

Theron walks into the dance club to meet Delphine and they make-out in a backroom.

London Calling

The Clash - Live At Shea Stadium

When Theron's character arrives in Paris to meet with Bremovich.

As Time Goes By (From "Casablanca")

Dooley Wilson - As Time Goes By (From "Casablanca") - Single

in apartment fight. Lorraine meets Bremovich and trying not to blow her cover he lights her cigarette at the bar

Kack Zukunft

Ausschlag - Wer Hat All Das Gift Bestellt?

Kids kick a soccer ball around and punks loiter in the streets of East Berlin as secret agent Lorraine arrives to agent Percival’s hideout.

Der Kommissar

Falco - Falco: Greatest Hits

As she enters the bar where she meets the Russian guy and the French girl for the first time. NOT the Falco version. After The Fire's version of the song is in the film.

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