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Soul Bossa Nova

Quincy Jones - Samba de uma Nota Só and More Iconic Brazilian Songs

00:03 Theme song. Austin dances through a film set

Boys (The Co-Ed Remix feat. Pharrell Williams of N.E.R.D.)

Britney Spears - Austin Powers In Goldmember (Music from the Motion Picture)

At the beginning when Austin Powers and his entourage enter the recording studio for Britney Spears' new song.

Daddy Wasn't There (feat. Austin Powers)

Ming Tea

Austin sings with the band at his pad

Shining Star

Earth, Wind & Fire - The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1

Austin first travels through time and gets out of the pimp mobile.

Hey Goldmember (feat. Devin and Solange)

Foxxy Cleopatra - Austin Powers In Goldmember (Music from the Motion Picture)

Austin Powers enters Studio 69 and sees Foxxy (Beyonce) performing on the golden stage.

Shining Star

Earth Wind and Fire - Austin Powers In Goldmember (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:23 Austin arrives in 1975 and finds the club called studio 69

Evil Woman (feat. Diana King)

Soul Hooligan - Austin Powers In Goldmember (Music from the Motion Picture)

Dr Evil is in jail and Frau pretends to be making out with him to slip him the key.

a tokyo

Pizzicatio Five

00:44 Austin and Foxxy are talking to Basil while they're in Japan

Box For A Minute


00:34 Dr. Evil and Mini-Me are in prison

On Top of Spaghetti

Tom Glazer - Circus Themes

Fat B****** sings this while on the toilet.

Beyond the Sea

Bobby Darin - The Blacklist (Music from the Television Series)

01:14 Dr. Evil is dancing to this song, while Austin is being escorted down the lift

What the World Needs Now Is Love

Burt Bacharach - What the World Needs Now - Burt Bacharach Classics

01:22 Credits of the movie within the movie are seen, with stars such as Gweneth Paltrow, Kevin Spacey and Tom Cruise being seen.

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