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Des équilibristes


The attendees come to the baby shower celebration. Caroline delivers a speech in honor of Jo, following the opening of a bottle of cider.

Fais Dodo


Jo sings a song in French after putting baby Ruby in her crib, but she continues to cry. Song plays again at 1:14.

Moss Roads

Benny Yurco

As Jo and Spencer sit down at their table, they are greeted by the warm light of the candle on the table and the sounds of soft jazz music playing in the background.

Dans l'arène


Jo applies make-up and puts on some earrings before informing Spencer of her plans to go out, as she believes he is capable of caring for Ruby on his own.

Teeth Bared


Jo joins the group of mothers for a night of partying at a club, including dancing and drinking. On the dance floor, she and Shelly engage in a passionate kiss and continue their intimate moment in the car.

Fais Dodo

The Bengsons

End credits song.

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