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Malabar Public School Choir

After Milla discovers a lump, her and Moses get in a big fight. Moses then travels home on the bus to see his family. They don't let him in so he yells at them.

Golden Brown

Zephyr Quartet

First song, opening credits as the Universal logo is seen a baby tooth is dropped into a glass.

Mozart Symphony No. 25 in G Minor

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Anna takes her pills as she listens to Australian radio. They are playing and talking about Mozart. Continues as she cleans the pool.

Ma Vlast (My Homeland): II: Vltava (The Moldau) (Excerpt)

Julian Gallant, Jeff Meegan, David Tobin & English Session Orchestra - Classical Collection - Dramatic Symphonic

Anna is listening to classical music in the car as she waits for her daughter Milla to come out for violin practise.

Come Meh Way

Sudan Archives - Sudan Archives - EP

Milla plays this song on the turntable at her violin teachers house. She continues to dance to this song energetically.

For Real

Mallrat - Uninvited - EP

Milla meets Moses at the basketball court. Scene then cuts to them both on the train together.


Tune-Yards - Whokill

Moses takes Milla to the house party. She wanders around looking at all the strange paintings before encountering another women without hair.


Donnie & Joe Emerson - Late Night Tales: BADBADNOTGOOD

After the party Moses takes Milla to a karaoke bar down the street. They dance together as another patron sings this song.

Diamond Day

Vashti Bunyan - This Record Belongs To

"Just Another Diamond Day" segment, as Moses and Milla sit by the pool on a beautiful sunny day. Her mother brings her home a prom dress.

The Lost Song

The Cat Empire - The Cat Empire

Moses dances to this song at the family and neighbourly gathering. Milla watches on in admiration.

Into the Sea (Duet)

Amanda Brown - Babyteeth (Original Soundtrack) [EP] - EP

[On-screen performance] Anna plays the piano and Milla plays the violin on Milla's birthday.


Amanda Brown - Babyteeth (Original Soundtrack) [EP] - EP

Classical score music during the final beach scene. Continues to play into the end credits.

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