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Main Theme (From \"Jaws\")

John Williams

00:11 A 3D holographic shark from the movie theater lunges towards Marty.

Beat It

Michael Jackson - The Essential Michael Jackson

00:12 Marty enters Cafe 80\'s. Plays again when Marty escapes from Griff and his gang.

I Can't Drive 55

Sammy Hagar - Throwback Tunes: 80s

00:44 Marty walks into a place that is now been taken over by Biff.

Mr. Sandman

The Four Aces - The Four Aces: Greatest Hits

01:06 Marty and 2015 Biff follow 1955 Biff.

Papa Loves Mambo

Perry Como - Ocean's Eleven (Music from the Motion Picture)

01:13 Marty rides in the back of Biff's car while talking to Doc on the walkie talkie.

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