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Boom Boom Boom

Juster - Bad Boys (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:09 First song. Marcus\' (Martin Lawrence) alarm goes off while he lies in bed.

I've Got A Little Something For You

MN8 - 90s 100 Hits

00:10 Mike (Will Smith) arrives at Marcus' house in his black porsche.

Shy Guy

Diana King - R&B Origins

00:15 Playing in the boxing club when they meet Max. Mike asks for Max's help.

Bad Boys

Inner Circle - Nights of Reggae

00:21 Mike and Marcus are singing along to this song in the car.

Work Me Slow

Xscape - Off the Hook

00:22 Max asks the girl if she any suspicious guys with a lot of money.

Call the Police (Marvel_Bonzai Mix)

Ini Kamoze - Bad Boys (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:38 Marcus and Julie drive away after being shot at. They head to Mike\'s apartment.

Someone to Love (feat. Babyface)

Jon B. ft. Babyface - Bad Boys (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:51 Marcus arrives at Mike\'s apartment and they look through some photos.

Me Against the World (feat. Dramacydal)

2Pac - Once Upon a Time in 95

00:57 Julie meets Mike for the first time at his apartment.

Me Against the World

2Pac - Greatest Hits

00:57 Julie meets Mike for the first time at his apartment.

Never Find Someone Like You

Keith Martin - Bad Boys (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:59 Yvette arrives at the apartment but Marcus tells her to leave and calls her a stalker. Mike tries to explain that shes a masseuse.

Juke Joint Jezebel

KMFDM - Roadkill Remix, Vol. 2.12

01:02 Marcus and Mike and arguing outside the club. They enter the club and split up.


Dink - Cops Are Baffled / Angels

01:04 Marcus gets in a fight with two guys in the bathroom while Mike is outside with the ladies.


Stabbing Westward - The Essential Stabbing Westward

01:05 Julie arrives at the club but the bad guys see her.

Da B Side

Da Brat ft. The Notorious B.I.G.

01:10 They go to a local store and Julie runs in to buy shampoo.

Sweet Little Lass


01:17 Marcus falls of the ledge while trying to look over at Mike and his wife. They end up fighting on the lawn.

Bad Boys

Marck Mancina

The music from the title scene.

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