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Too Hot To Be Cool

Ebonee Webb

00:03 A man enters the alleyway, looking for Mick O'Brien who just snatched a purse from an old lady.

Run to Her

Jennifer Warnes - Best of Jennifer Warnes

00:06 O'Brien enters his house and finds his mother having sex with a man at the bathtub.

Street Corner

Ashford & Simpson - The Best of Ashford and Simpson

00:32 O'Brien is cleaning the bathroom floors when Tweety knocks the bucket of water and tells him to clean it up.

One More Time

McFadden & Whitehead - Movin' On

00:33 Plays briefly when Horowitz is fixing the radio.

Get Dressed

George Clinton - Computer Games

00:38 Paco and his friends do a drive-by shooting by a car repair workshop.

Crime Wave


00:39 Viking and Tweety goes to Terrell cell where Tweety brutally rapes him.

Man On Your Mind

Little River Band - Time Exposure (Remastered)

01:29 Viking finds a radio inside his cell and plays music until the radio explodes.

Pelo De Alambre

Bobby Capó

00:07 Paco is getting ready to leave his house with his friends.

Check Us Out

Light of the World

00:27 The juveniles spit on Mick and Terrell as they walk to their cell.



01:10 Playing in Tweety's boom box as he's being released from prison.

Give Me Your Love

Peabo Bryson - Don't Play With Fire

01:00 Plays as J.C. exits the building.

Everybody Wants You

Billy Squier - Countdown to the New Year

00:08 Playing in Mick's room as Mick plays guitar.

Tonight's the Night

T-Connection - Classic Masters

00:59 Playing on the boom box as J.C. takes the train.

Prodigal Son - 2015 Remaster

Iron Maiden

Pack stares at Mick as he walks to his cell.

Purgatory - 2015 Remaster

Iron Maiden

Horowitz talks to Mick about the bet.

Don't Go Away

Melba Moore - Other Side of the Rainbow

01:33 Ramon and Warden Bendix talk about transferring Paco. Viking tries to provoke Horowitz.

Don't Go Away - 2004 Digital Remaster

Melba Moore

Ramon and Warden Bendix talk about transferring Paco. Viking tries to provoke Horowitz.

Guillermo y María

Bobby Capó - Regresa (Encore)

00:09 Paco meets his father outside the bar.

Mr. Hate

The Tubes - The Completion Backward Principle

00:25 Daniels brings Mick and Terrell to the dormitory at the correctional facility. He introduces them to Supervisor Wagner.

The Night Owls

Little River Band - Time Exposure (Remastered)

01:36 Paco makes a deal with someone.

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