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Love And Affection

Segun Bucknor - Who Say I Tire

00:02 David recounts how he met Kate at the party. First song at the party.

Carry Me

The Original Crooks and Nannies - Ugly Laugh

00:04 Kate walks over to David and she asks him what qualifications he has to change the playlist. They dance together

She Comes She Goes

Shy Nature - Birthday Club - EP

00:09 Montage as David and Kate start hanging out.

True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)

Snapped Ankles - True Ecology - Single

00:18 David and his friend Eliza, talk about what he's going to do now he's been fired.

New York City

Nick Rattigan

00:32 David selling weed in town.


The Colonnade

00:38 David on bike going to meet his girlfriend.

Onwards, Westwards

New Pope

00:49 Bridge and city by night.


The Buttertones

00:49 David talks to Kate about staying and watching a film.


Niklas Paschburg - Dawn - Single

01:03 Old man and David partying together.

Demon's Dessert

Astronaut Husband - Bugsy / Jokes

01:05 David erasing his break up note from his wall.

True North

Willie Stratton - Willie Stratton

01:17 David biking to his ex-girlfriend parents address.

On the Ropes

Said The Whale - Hawaiii

01:23 ending credits song.

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