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Rebel Rebel

David Bowie - Now That's What I Call Classic Rock

First song. Will is writing a letter to David Bowie. He narrates his school life.

Blister in the Sun

Lisa Chung

00:01 Song when Will places this in front of Kim Lee, she starts playing this instead and claps.

(You Gotta Walk) Don't Look Back

Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger

00:03 Will and Karen (Lisa Kudrow) drive away from their city to a new city and school. They sing this in the car.


David Bowie - A Reality Tour (Bonus Track Version) [Live]

00:05 Will\'s ringtone as he walks into his new school.

Sunny Side Up

Scott Porter and Glory Dogs

00:06 At school. The band plays on stage. Will meets Sa5m for the first time.

Femme Fatale

The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)

Charlotte thinking she's educating Will about The Velvet Underground.

Theme From \'A Summer Place\'

Max Steiner and Mack Discant

00:09 Song at the mall while Will and Sa5m are getting to know each other.

Wichita Lineman

Glen Campbell - Reunion: The Songs of Jimmy Webb

00:11 Charlotte plays Will\'s ipod to the children to quieten them down.


Nick Drake - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:13 Charlotte picks up Will as he's walking home from school. She takes him to spot and they lie on the hood of her car.

Femme Fatale

Nico & The Velvet Underground - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:14 Charlotte plays this song in her car radio. She says she will teach him the basics about music.

I Want You to Want Me

Aly Michalka - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:16 Will sees Charlottes band playing in the garage.

What Heart

Oliver Future

00:21 Charlotte and Will drive to the diner.

Someone To Fall Back On

Aly Michalka - Bandslam

The song Charlotte "wrote" for her dad and which she plays in front of Will. Fun fact: the song was not written for the movie, but was in fact already a song by Jason Robert Brown.

Feels So Good

Chuck Mangione - A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection

00:22 Song in the background at the diner. Ben comes in and talks to the band.

Free Time

The Aggrolites - Reggae Hit L.A.

00:25 Will is listening to it on his iPod when Sa5m and Charlotte meet.


David Bowie

00:26 Will writes another letter to David Bowie. He talks about the band and goes to body shop to get the drummer.

Classroom Rap

Matt Hensarling

00:30 Two guys do a rap in the classroom.

Young Folks

Peter, Bjorn and John - Writer's Block

When Will shows off his montage of SA5M.

Twice Is Too Much

Exist - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:30 Will is watching an interview on David Bowie. His mum comes in and asks him what a sideman is.

Inpromptu Op. 90 #2

Franz Shubert

00:31 An asian student, Kim Lee is playing this song when Will puts a new song in front of her.

Jammin' On F

I Can't Go On, I'll Go On

00:32 Will coordinates the band as he brings in all the instruments and builds the band.


78 Violet

00:33 Song in the diner as they discuss the band name. They decide on \'I Can\'t Go On, I\'ll Go On\'


I Can't Go On, I'll Go On & Aly Michalka - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:36 The band play this during their first Rehearsal.

My Country tis of Thee

The Antislavery Ensemble

00:38 Will and Sa5m walk down the school hallway. She asks to see his favorite place.

24 Hours

Shack - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:39 Will and Sa5m spend the day together after they ride the subway and tour the city.

See No Evil

Television - Diary of a Teenage Girl Soundtrack

00:42 Will and Sa5m get inside the CBGB.

Lunar One

Seventeen Evergreen - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:43 Charlotte drives Will home. Charlotte shows Will how to kiss in the car.

Stuck In the Middle

The Burning Hotels - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:50 Charlotte takes Will to the concert to see The Burning Hotels. He gets carried through the crowd.

Everything I Own

Vanessa Hudgens & I Can't Go On, I'll Go On - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:53 Sam's mum shows Will her guitar video. Sam tells him to leave when she gets home.


Scott Porter and Glory Dogs - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

00:56 Ben plays a song on the guitar for Charlotte.

Young Folks

Peter Bjorn and John - 21 (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:58 Will's video presentation on Sa5m.

Blizzard Woman Blues

The Daze - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

01:18 First song playing at Bandslam.

My New Romance

The Burning Hotels - Eighty Five Mirrors

01:22 Second song ay Bandslam. The Burning Hotels play their song.


Zeale, Phranchyze and Candice Jackson

01:24 Third song at Bandslam.

What Light

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

01:37 End of movie. Will is checking the bands Myspace page. David Bowie finally writes Will.


Golden Smog - Another Fine Day

01:40 First song in end credits.

Where Are You Now

Honor Society - Bandslam (Original Soundtrack)

01:43 Second song during end credits.

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