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Bad Night in Paradise

Thrust - Thrust - EP

00:06 Megan is spying in on a meeting and notices a party upstairs. She wonders about what she is missing out on.


Maggie Eckford - Songs for Shelter Me

00:06 Megan starts gathering intel on what normal kids got up to. She watches videos on her laptop in bed.

Are You Living

General Ghost

00:12 Megan fakes her death, and enrols in high school.

Colorful World

Shayna Rose - Colorful World - Single

00:17 Megan catches the bus to school for her first day. Everyone stares at her and her outfit.

Megan From Canada

Toby Sebastian

00:20 Cash comes on stage and rescues Megan from the hecklers.

Soothe My Soul

Toby Sebastian

00:21 Cash continues to sing this with his band on stage.

Take Me To The Water

Toby Sebastian

00:41 Cash sings this at rehearsal with Emily.

St. Justice

Albert Hammond Jr. - Ahj - EP

01:03 This song plays in the car after Liz picks Emily up.

Magic Me

Nightmare Boy

01:09 Song at the hospital. Roger visits Emily but leaves abruptly.

Bad Reputation

The Dollyrots - National Lampoon Presents Endless Bummer, The Soundtrack

01:12 Emily and Liz get home from the hospital, dress up and go through all her weapons.

Cloud 69

Lowell - We Loved Her Dearly

01:14 The girls come down the stairs dressed for prom.

Be Alright

Josh Money

01:15 First song at prom.

Good Mistake

Mr Little Jeans - Pocketknife

01:16 Second song at the prom, Emily leaves Cash and goes over to talk to Roger.

When I Hear

Go Mute

01:19 Third song at prom. Heather and Emily fight over Roger.

Staring at My Shoes

Toby Sebastian

01:28 Cash and the teacher are singing this at the end of prom.

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