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The Future

Prince - Batman

00:03 A Family wander through the streets in search for a cab.

Vicki Waiting

Prince - Batman

00:17 First song at the charity ball.

Electric Chair

Prince - Batman

00:18 Second song at the charity ball.

There'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight


00:42 The Joker merrily sings as he demonstrates his joy buzzer on an impudent rival.


Prince - Batman

01:02 Lawrence turns on the radio while Joker and his crew vandalize the art museum.

Theme from "A Summer Place"

Percy Faith and His Orchestra - 16 Most Requested Songs: Percy Faith

01:04 The Joker attempts to seduce Vicki Vale in the art museum.

Beautiful Dreamer

Hill Bowen and Orchestra

01:21 Bruce Wayne tries to tell Vicki Vale he's Batman until the Joker breaks inside Vicki her apartment.


Prince - Batman

01:36 The Joker throws $20 million dollars at the nighttime parade to the townspeople of Gotham.


Prince - Batman

02:04 Second end credits song.

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