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Your Hands


Travis is introduced by Abby. Travis prevails in the fight. As she gets into the shower, Abby touches herself and thinks of Travis.

Friends With No Benefits

Sam Ewing

In the park, Travis and Abby are having a date.

Concerto for Strings and Cembalo in G Major: Presto


The song is played before Travis and Abby meet on the campus. The water is out as Abby takes a shower.

Study, Not Sex

Sam Ewing

Abby discovers pornographic materials in Travis's drawer.

All That Jazz – Concerto In G (Vivaldi)

The Film Band

To make it to her test in time, Abby is rushing.

Katching Seazon Outro


Parker and Abby come at Travis's fight event.

El Soundsystem Ska


The following 30 days will be spent together by Abby and Travis.

Going Out

Trap Lana

Travis and Abby are kissing.

Boom Chick

Bea Parks

At Abby's birthday party, this music was played.

Without You I Am Lost

Andrew Kingslow

This song is also played at Abby's birthday party.

Emergency Trip to Vegas

Sam Ewing

Abby is traveling to Las Vegas to support her father.


Clemence Violence

Abby and her father discuss her father's debt.

Poker Prodigy

Sam Ewing

Abby is playing poker for her father's benefit. Poker is where Abby makes a lot of money.

Calling All Fighters

Sam Ewing

Travis will put up a fight to return Benny's money.


Mehul Sharma

Travis and Abby talk in the hotel room.

Ready to Rage

Red Cemetary

This is the first end-credits song.


Mind Gallery

This is the second end-credits song.

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