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Honey Moon

Manolis Hiotis

The song plays softly in a cafe scene as April reminds her husband that none of their friends know where they are.


Blood Orange

The song plays during a late-night drive for Beckett and April. The song ends as they argue about their evening plans.

I'll Be Around

Otis Gayle

The song plays during a phone call where April learns their host's daughter will stay up for them, hinting at future events.

Plastic Fantastic Lover

Jefferson Airplane

Marty drives while fatigued, leading to a fatal accident that results in his lover's death.

Aspra Kokkina Kitrina Ble

Lizeta Nikolaou

Majessy from the U.S. Embassy urges Beckett to turn himself in to the authorities.

Thessaloniki Mou

Manolis Hiotis

Beckett is told to go to Omonia Station appears to be a nod to Greek culture. However, the station is not actually located there and Beckett is soon knifed at the station.


Ohio Players

Beckett discovers he’s been tricked and the song reminds him of his past and recent tragedy involving his wife.


Sinéad O'Connor

Beckett is at an internet cafe trying to find the activists who helped him earlier. The song tells the story of a rastaman who is assigned to catch a vampire.

Born to Be

Devonte Hynes - Beckett (Music from the Netflix Film)

The song is played during the first visual of the title character and his wife April in bed

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