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Grimes - Visions

When she lays back down smiling after tossing aside her sister's paper bird.

House Key

LOLAWOLF - Everyfuckinday - EP

They play this song in the car on the first

Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

Big Data - Earth To Echo (Music From the Motion Picture)

Her phone alarm that wakes up her up every morning


Grimes - Art Angels

00:09 Sam brushes off Kent's party invitation; the girls gossip during lunch.

Water Water

Empress Of - Me

Sam and Kent have their last kiss after Sam says that he can trust her back. Then she runs out of the party to chase Juliet through the forest.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!

Sam is chasing Juliet in the forest.

Pretty Pimpin

Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin Down...

When she constantly wakes up. It's the past that's shown like a time lapse in her bedroom.


Ruelle - Madness

Theme song of Before I Fall / OFFICIAL TRAILER

w/o u

GEMS - Kill the One You Love

Played in the car on the first and second days right before the crash. It's also the the first song in the credits.


Astro - Caribbean

When Juliet arrives at the party and confronts Sam and her friends.

B a noBody

SOAK - Before We Forgot How To Dream

when ellody skips to lindsays car at 25 minutes in the movie.

Flesh without Blood

Grimes - Art Angels

The song that is playing in the car on the way to school on the first day

Hold Me Down

Darkstar - News from Nowhere

When she says "i only remember the greatest hits"

Perfect World

Broken Bells - After the Disco

When Sam is looking at Juliet while she's drawing.

Before I Fall

Adam Taylor - Before I Fall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

When Sam and Izzy say goodbye at the end of the film

Into Infinity

Adam Taylor - Before I Fall (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1st song in sundance trailer of before I fall. (0:06 - 0:27)

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