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Only Yesterday

Taken By Trees - Open Field

Nick and Abby in the taxi on route to Grand Central Station.

Burning Blue

Kowalski - For the Love of Letting Go

Nick and Brooke (Carrie) visit a bar in the late evening to search for the stolen handbag.

Restless Lover


While at the bar, they converse with the waiter.

Sun Burns

Blue Boats - Summer's Down - Single

The song is heard playing in the bar.

Traficando (feat. Elote el Barbaro)

Gueroloco - Fuera De Lugar

Nick enters the house where the purse is believed to be located.


Oliver North Boy Choir - Shameless Pop Songs 2008

Brooke and Nick attend a wedding party, where Nick seeks to borrow money from his friend and they discuss his ex-girlfriend.

U Can't Get Enough of Me

DJ Axel

The song is played at the hotel party.

My Funny Valentine

Alice Eve

Brooke and Nick are mistaken for the band and perform together at the fancy party.

I'm Too Sexy

Alice Eve

Brooke starts singing, but Nick drags her off stage.


Labyrinth Ear - The Orchid Room (Deluxe Edition)

The song can be heard in the elevator as Nick and Brooke leave the hotel.

Best Part of Me

St Leonards

Brooke and Nick enter the reception / party at the right bar.

The Alchemy Between Us

Young Galaxy - Young Galaxy

Nick sees Hannah across the room.

So Here We Are

Bloc Party

Nick and Brooke return to the party and Nick talks to Hannah again.

Where's Baby

The Loud

Nick reveals to Brooke that Hannah is pregnant.

Dark Morning

Count Basie Orchestra

Pam calls Brooke and informs her that she was unable to destroy the letter.

Dark Morning

The Count Basie Orchestra - Swinging, Singing, Playing

Pam calls Brooke and informs her that she was unable to destroy the letter.

I Don't

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

The song is heard at the diner as Brooke sneaks out and leaves Nick.


Jonathan Goldsmith

Throughout the night, they chat and fill out the hotel's feedback form.


Family Band - Grace and Lies

Brooke and Nick are at Grand Central Station. She tells him that getting to know her must be fate.

Move On

Andrew Lockington

Nick and Brooke kiss each other goodbye.

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