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She Could Shake the Maracas

Javier Bardem with the Michael Andrew Orchestra

Desi is practicing with the guitar as part of his rehearsal for the show.

A La Nanita Nana

Javier Bardem

Lucy enters while Desi is playing the guitar.

Rumba Internacional

Michael Andrew Orchestra

At a party, Desi and Lucy dance together, and Desi recommends that they practice the rumba.

Junker's Blues

Champion Jack Dupree - Blues from the Gutter

Lucy and Bill have a drink and talk.

Tres Palabras

Michael Andrew Orchestra

Lucy informs Desi that she has been expelled from acting school.

Nothing Rhymes with Lucille

Javier Bardem

While drunk and attempting to write a song, Desi plays the guitar when Lucy enters the room partially undressed.


Javier Bardem with the Michael Andrew Orchestra

Desi performs on stage after Lucy complains that he's never home anymore.

Cuban Pete

Javier Bardem with the Michael Andrew Orchestra

Desi invites Lucy to watch him perform at the club and she is asked to sign autographs. The scene ends with the credits.

A Lucy Radio Show

Michael Andrew Orchestra

Lucy participates in a radio show performance.

I Love Lucy Theme

Michael Andrew Orchestra

Lucy convinces the director to cast Desi in a show.

Uno Dos Cinco

Michael Andrew Orchestra

Desi takes the stage to defend Lucy against accusations of communism.

Waiting for my Gal

Michael Andrew Orchestra

Lucy confronts Desi about his infidelity.

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