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Annabelle Chairlegs - Watermelon Summer

Plays in Jasmine's car the first time that she and Dallas see each other outside of her house


FIN - Ice Pix

Plays in the background when Dallas and Quinn are listening to Joslyn talk on the phone and it fades up when Dallas shows Quinn the strap-on


Willow Beats - Willow Beats - EP

Plays when Dallas and Quinn arrive to the girl's party and start drinking at the bar.



Plays when Jasmine and Claire arrive to the girl's party

Asleep on the Bus (On Planets Remix)

On Planets - BESTiE Remix EP

Jasmine and Dallas flirt in the hallway at the party; (repeats) Jasmine sees her friend, Claire dance with Dallas' friend, Quinn.

Asleep on the Bus (On Planets Remix)

BESTIE & On Planets - BESTiE Remix EP

plays in the background as Jasmine and Dallas flirt in the hallway during the girl's party, and then plays in the foreground when Jasmine sees her friend, Claire dancing with Dallas' friend, Quinn.


Mark Thibideau

Plays while Jasmine and Dallas talk in the bathroom.

Skeleton Key

Love Inks - E.S.P.

Can be heard during the girl's party after Jasmine leaves and Dallas starts talking to Desiree.

Freedom 14

Thom Huhtala

Plays while Dallas is at her apartment brushing her teeth. And again when she arrives to the job site.



Plays during the fashion shoot while Jasmine talks to her assistant.

Crushed Pleats


Plays during the montage of Jasmine and Dallas getting ready for their date.

Keep Me High

Adaline - Modern Romantics

Plays during the bar scene and the subsequent alley scene.

Movie Screen

Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis

Can be heard when Dallas and Jasmine are lying in the bed and Dallas begins to kiss a sleeping Jasmine

Street Urchin

Annabelle Chairlegs

Plays while Dallas is walking down the street toward the Filmores Hotel, before she goes inside.

Street Urchins

Annabelle Chairlegs - Street Urchins - Single

Dallas walks down the street towards the Filmores Hotel, before going inside.



This is the song that the movie claims is playing during the lap dance scene, however the actual song is chickenshit by the same artist.


FIN - Ice Pix

Starts as soon as Dallas enters the strip club and continues to play during the lap-dance scene


Majical Cloudz

Starts playing after Dallas is ejected from the club, and continues through the montage.

Asleep on the Bus

BESTIE - No Bad Days

The remix is the version in the movie

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