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Salt Shaker

Ying Yang Twins & Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Me & My Brother

00:06 Billy Lynn and the rest of the Bravo squad team enter the limousine.

Hoochie Mama

The 2 Live Crew - The Sitter (Music from the Motion Picture)

00:10 Albert informs the Bravo Squad that Hillary Swank is considering on playing Billy Lynn for the movie.

All Right Now

Free - A&M 50: The Anniversary Collection

00:13 The members of Bravo Squad arrive at the stadium.

Maqam Sabah

Farida & Iraqi Maqam Ensemble - Classical Music from Iraq

00:14 Billy Lynn has a flashback of when his team was in Iraq.

And We Danced

The Hooters - Nervous Night

00:23 Sgt. David Dime throws a football at Billy Lynn.

Hell Yeah

Montgomery Gentry - My Town

00:21 The members of the Bravo Squad enter the field.

Dance Like A Hoe

The 2 Live Crew - I'm 2 Live

00:38 Billy Lynn and Albert are leaving the locker room.


Emanuel Vo Williams, Grayson Voltaire & Cut One

Billy Lynn is talking to two football players at the locker room about the war.

Forever Always Ends

Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys - The Spectacular Sadness Of

00:43 Billy Lynn is having drinks at the bar table.

Dance Like A Hoe

2 Live Crew

Billy Lynn and Albert are leaving the locker room.

Beer Pop and Whiskey Stop

The Mears Brothers - Sweet Tea & Dandelions

00:44 Albert is talking to Norm about the movie deal.

Why Do You Love Me

The Suicide Kings - Blood River

00:45 The Bravo Squad are eating at a table while Albert is working on the movie deal.

So Lonesome I Could Fly

Jeffrey Dean Foster - The Leaves Turn Upside Down

00:49 Mango tells Billy to get Faison's number.

Star Spangled Banner

Kellie Pickler

00:52 A woman sings the national anthem at the stadium, Lynn starts to cry.

5-4-3-2-1 Here We Go!

Blues Saraceno - Indie Pop

01:00 Albert sits with the Bravo Squad and informs them that Hillary Swank has just dropped the project.

Here for the Party

Gretchen Wilson - Gretchen Wilson: Greatest Hits

01:01 Sgt. David Dime takes out his binoculars and looks at Billy Lynn's crush.

Lose My Breath

Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled

01:08 Beyoncé is performing during the halftime event.

ASU Turkey Day Halftime

Alabama State University

01:07 A marching band is performing during the Haftime event.

Soldier (feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne)

Destiny's Child - Destiny Fulfilled

01:11 Second song Beyoncé performs at the halftime event, the Bravo Squad enters the stage.

Gotta Get Back to Forgetting You

Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys - Your Favorite Fool

01:18 The Bravo Squad gets into a fight with the stage crew.

Power of Positive Drinking

The Mears Brothers - Sweet Tea & Dandelions

01:21 Billy Lynn talks to his older sister on the phone on quitting the army.


Emanuel Vo Williams & Robin Loxley - Epic Hip Hop 2

00:37 Billy Lynn is talking to two football players at the locker room about the war.

Get Ready (Rap Version Edit)

2 Unlimited - Get Ready (Incl Steve Aoki Remixes) - EP

01:24 Sgt. Antonio Holliday brings the Bravo Squad some coffee.

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