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I'll Tumble 4 Ya

Culture Club - At Worst...The Best of Boy George and Culture Club

00:14 Billy is dancing on the front steps of his house

Beat On The Brat

The Ramones

00:21 Billy plays dodgeball on the playground

Old John Braddelum

Sharon, Lois and Bram

00:22 Billy is making snowmen out of cotton wool and eats the glue

I'm Not the One

The Cars - Shake It Up

00:36 Valentines cards are exchanged. Billy gets once from the principal

The Billy Madison Way


00:43 After Billy passes 3rd grade, the band performs this song at the party.


The Jackson 5 - Clerks II (Music From The Motion Picture)

00:48 Montage, Billy is going through his grades. He is also playing basketball and gets his head checked for lice.


Jackson 5 - Clerks II (Music From The Motion Picture)

Montage of Billy going through several grades of elementary school.

The Stroke

Billy Squier - August: Osage County (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:52 Billy arrives at high school in his black sports car


Styx - Now That's What I Call Classic Rock

Billy gets tanked in preparation for proving his innocence.

Billy's Victory Song

Adam Sandler, Cheryl Hardwick

Billy recommits to the "back to school" challenge.

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