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Drain My Love

Kaerhart - Drain My Love - Single

00:03 After graduation, Laurel and Andy attend a party.


Ryan Dufrene

00:04 Andy talks to Laurel outside the party about her moving to LA.

Call Me

Lizzy Land - Call Me - Single

00:11 Mark drives Laurel to the club.

I'm a Man Too

Death Valley Girls - Glow in the Dark

00:13 Laurel and Mark watch the band perform at the club. A young man bumps into Laurel and they get into a brief fight before the man gets kicked out of the club.


Death Valley Girls - Glow in the Dark

00:15 Laurel gets a drink at the bar when she meets Izzy. She invites her to an after hours party.

I'm Not Your Girl

Estrons - She's Here Now - Single

00:18 Izzy takes her to the after hours party and shows her around. Two young men talk to Duke who tells them to meet her upstairs.

Down Your Drain

Jesse Jo Stark - Driftwood - Single

00:51 Duke talks to Laurel about her life in New York before she became a vampire.


Boney M. - The Essential Boney M.

00:53 Duel talks to Laurel about meeting Vlad and becoming one of his slaves.

I Was in Your Video

The Exbats - I Got the Hots for Charlie Watts

01:02 Laurel talks to Izzy about being a vampire.

I Love LA

Starcrawler - Starcrawler

01:10 A man talks about feminism at a gallery. Izzy and her friends finds more victims.

Fire of Love

Jesse Jo Stark - Fire of Love - Single

01:12 Laurel checks her messages from Andy.

Broken Teeth


Laurel stands at a corner at the club and reads a text message from Mark telling her to come to the house.

Tear Me Down

Gary Neumann & Katie Thompson - Epic Drum Pop

01:30 Final scene, plays into the end credits.

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