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Mary Jane

Rick James - Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: The Album

Opening scene, daughter driving; (repeats) Rick comes up with his show identity: (repeats) Rick James Chappelle Show skit; (repeats) Stone City Band performs after Rick's death, final interview.

Cool Cop Says It May Rain Today

Oded Fried-Gain

Ty looks through his father's belongings.

Super Freak

Rick James - Suicide Squad: The Album (Collector's Edition)

Main titles; Artists talk about Rick's legacy; (repeats) Todd Boyd interview; (repeats) Rick is the first visual artist for Motown; (repeats) MTV doesn't play Rick James videos.

Ghetto Brothers Power

Ghetto Brothers - Power Fuerza

Rick's childhood in Buffalo.

I Knew It All

Bastien Brunei Larche, Thomas Dahyot

Rick James goes to Canada, arrival in Toronto to Yorkville village.

I'll Wait Forever

The Mynah Birds - Motown Unreleased: 1966

Yorkville music scene is discussed; Rick finds his people.

Bird Hop

The Mynah Birds

Rick joins his band with Neil Young called The Mynah Birds.

I Got You (In My Soul)

The Mynah Birds - Motown Unreleased: 1966

Rick and his band play around Toronto.

It's My Time

The Mynah Birds - Motown Unreleased 1967

[Multi-track recording] Harry talks about the track. Band members talking about their time recording at Motown.

Go On and Cry

The Mynah Birds - The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966

Rick is influenced by the rock movement; Motown A&R exec interview.

Country Woman

The Great White Cane

Rick plays in a band called Heaven & Earth, which became White Cane.

Find It

The Great White Cane - The Great White Cane

Rick and others talk about White Cane.

You and I

Rick James - 202 Motown Songs: The Complete No. 1s

Rick performs; Motown A&R plays the multi-track and talks about it.

Bustin' Out (On Funk)

Rick James - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Rick James

Rick James as a pioneer of funk; Big Daddy Kane talks about the song; (repeats) Rick James' band all get braids in their hair.

Big Time

Rick James - Garden of Love

LA Coliseum '79 Funk Festival.

Give It to Me Baby

Rick James - Number 1's: Motown, Vol. 2

Rick performs at The Grammys; (repeats) Harry breaks down the song; (repeats) Rick James accepting an award; (repeats) Rick gets the band back together to record a new album and go on tour.

Ghetto Life

Rick James - Street Songs

Todd Boyd talks about the meaning of this song; (repeats) Stone City Band performs after Rick's death, final interview with Rick.

Fire and Desire

Rick James - Street Songs

Teena and Rick perform live; (repeats) Rick and Teena perform live at the BET Awards.

All Night Long

Mary Jane Girls - Mary Jane Girls

Performing on Top of the Pops.

In My House

Mary Jane Girls - 202 Motown Songs: The Complete No. 1s

Rick pours his female side into The Mary Jane Girls.

Party All the Time

Eddie Murphy - How Could It Be

Rick produces for Eddie Murphy.

Weight Up

Taz James

End credits; Story of Taz James rapping.

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