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Here Comes the Blues

Alan Hawkshaw

Anaconda Malt Liquor commerical.

Anaconda Malt Liquor

Adrian Younge

Anaconda Malt Liquor jingle.

Nowhere: Variation

Sam Sklair

Jimmy doing business with The Man at night.

Pick Up

Nick Ingman

Jimmy is outed as the rat.

In Danger

Brian Bennett

Jimmy is shot.

Interpol Link (3) - Link/Sting

Clive Hicks

A henchmen checks on Jimmy’s pulse to see if he’s still alive. [0:38] Gloria asking Black Dynamite what he involved her in.

Winner Takes All (Opening)

Nick Ingman

Captain Yancy telling his men about the brother of dead man in the streets.

The Detectives (Long Version)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite finishes having sex with the 3 women on his bed. [0:05] Black Dynamite taking the money Nipsy owed to Honey Bee.

Light My Fire

Steve Gray

Black Dynamite roundhouse kicks Nipsy.

Money Runner

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite bringing the money Nipsy owed to Honey Bee.

The Detectives (Link 6b)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite telling Honey Bee that he’s going to take down the person responsible for pettling drugs to kids.


Fuquan Zhang

Before Black Dynamite’s kung-fu training.


Sam Spence

During Black Dynamite’s kung fu training.

The Detectives (Link 6a)

Alan Tew

Aunt Billy tells Black Dynamite that Jimmy is dead. [0:30] Black Dynamite finding out Jimmy wanted to be just like him.

Hook 3

Steve Gray

Black Dynamite picks up the phone. [1:01] Black Dynamite picks up the walkie talkie.


Alan Tew

Black Dynamite asks Aunt Billy how Jimmy died.[0:35] Gloria takes Black Dynamite to the orphanage where she shows the effects of the drug problem on the orphans.

Jimmy's Dead

Adrian Younge

Flashback to Black Dynamite’s mother on her death bed asking a young Black Dynamite to look after his brother.

The Detectives (Link 1)

Alan Tew

“This is some heavy shit”. [0:28] Black Dynamite handing the militant leader the shell casing. [0:50] Bullhorn attempting to rhymn.

At Risk

David Lindup

Black Dynamite being surveillanced as he enters his house.

Veiled Threat (B)

David Lindup

Armed men enter Black Dynamite’s house.

Blue Shadow

Alan Parker

Black Dynamite talking about his time in Vietnam.

Bust Up (B)

Alan Tew

The CIA asks Black Dynamite for help. [0:30] O’leary handing Black Dynamite a photograph of Vincent Rafelli. [0:50] Black Dynamite telling his crew their plan to break into the warehouse.

Hook 1

Steve Gray

Black Dynamite after lowers his gun after realizing one of the armed men served in Vietnam with him. [0:32] Doctor finds Black Dynamite flirting with Nurse Jenny.

Bust Up (A)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite tells the CIA that he’s out of the game. [0:30] O’leary telling Black Dynamite about Jimmy’s connection with Vincent Rafelli.

Scenechange (2a)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite tells the CIA to not get in his way.


Adrian Younge

Afroditey performing at the club.

Man with the Heat (Superbad)

Adrian Younge

Afroditey talking to Black Dynamite after the performance.

Drama Backcloth (3)

Alan Tew

Cream Corn getting his hair done. [0:29] Black Dynamite barging into O’leary’s office and confronting him about the shell casing found at the scene of his brother’s death.


Alan Tew

Black Dynamite chasing Cream Corn.

Interpol Link (2) - Link/Sting

Clive Hicks

Black Dynamite interrogating Cream Corn at the rooftops. [0:36] Black Dynamite shaking the orphan.

Hook 2

Steve Gray

Bullhorn realizing that Black Dynamite is here about his brother’s death.

The Prowler

Brian Bennett

Black Dynamite handing Chicago Wind the shell casing.

Milestones: Stings

Sam Sklair

Black Dynamite tossing Chicago Wind’s henchmen out of the window.

Motion 8

Trevor Bastow

“So where’s Cream Corn these days?”

Disco Connection

Lord Rhaburn - Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up

Black Dynamite fighting Chicago Wind's men.

Master Plan

Alan Tew

Bullhorn warns everyone this would be the outcome if they mess with him.

Drama Backcloth (2)

Alan Tew

Congressman James speaking at the town meeting. [0:27] Black Dynamite confronting one of the militants. [0:28] Militant leader identifying the shell casing Black Dynamite found. [0:41] [0:44] Cream Corn telling Black Dynamite he’ll help find the person responsible for his brother’s death.

Getting Close

Brian Bennett

Black Dynmaite talking to the woman after the town meeting.

Scenechange (5)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite suprising the militants. [0:31] O’leary reinstating Black Dynamite’s licensed to kill.

The Detectives (Link 2a)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamire finding out the shell casing is government issued.

Speed Trap (Link)

Brian Bennett

Chicago Wind’s vehicle swerves off the road and crashes.

Scenechange (7)

Alan Tew

Transition to O’leary’s office.

The Detectives (Link 3)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite telling O’leary he’s in. [0:50] Bullhorn tellung Black Dynamite about a big shipment coming to town.

Water Pollution (B)

Sammy Burdson

Black Dynamite following the militants to their headquarters.

The Detectives (Interlude)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite finds Gloria at the hospital.

Scenechange (8a)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite finding out about dope being sold at the orphangne. [0:50] Black Dynamite gets a call from Bullhorn.

Scenechange (2b)

Alan Tew

Gloria telling Black Dynamite how the orphanage used to be alive with laughter. Black Dynamite telling Gloria he will take down the person responsible for the drug problem.

Sunny Side Up

Duncan Lamont

Black Dynamite giving Gloria a ride to the diner.

Commercial Break (10)

Alan Hawkshaw

The militant leader greets Black Dynamite.

Action in Memphis

Johnny Pearson

Gunfight at the diner.

Name of the Game

Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw

At the Whorephanage, Honey Bee tells Black Dynamite she and the girls will take care of Gloria.

Slow Motion Link

Sammy Burdson

Black Dynamite suducing nurse Jenny.

High Diver

Brian Bennett & Alan Hawksaw

Crenshaw Pete gather the pimps around for a meeting.

Cleaning up the Streets

Adrian Younge

Montage of Black Dynamite and his crew cleaning the streets.

Mr. Big Link 2

Brian Bennett

Transition to the hospital building.

Happy Rainbow

Alan Hawkshaw

Black Dynamite goes on a stroll around the neighborhood with Gloria.

Gloria (Zodiac Lover)

Adrian Younge

Blsck Dynamite and Gloria make love.


Brian Bennett

Black Dynamite and his crew breaking into the warehouse at night.

Commercial Break (5a)

Alan Hawkshaw

Black Dynamite and Gloria going on a walk together.


Brian Bennett

Black Dynamite interrogating the remaining henchman.

Looks Like Trouble (C)

Syd Dale

The thug telling Black Dynamite about operation Code Kansas.

Looks Like Trouble (A)

Syd Dale

Black Dynamite’s crew finding Anaconda Malt Liqour in the the crates.

Scene Link (1)

Alan Hawkshaw

“Donuts don’t wear alligator shoes.”

Deadline: Stings 1

Sam Sklair

Fiendish Dr. Wu reveals himself to Black Dynamite.

Enigma: Variation (Slow) 1

Sam Sklair

Before Bullhorn’s death.

Deadline: Stings 2

Sam Sklair

Fiendish Dr. Wu decapitates Bullhorn.

West Side Rumble

Sam Spence

Black Dynamite fighting Fiendish Dr. Wu and his men.

Scene Link (3) - Link/Sting

Alan Hawkshaw

Black Dynamite shows up to the pimp meeting.

Scenechange (3a)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite shoots O’leary.


Brian Bennett

Black Dynamite and his crew figuring out where the drugs are.

The Morning After

Alan Hawkshaw

Black Dynamite and his crew talking about how they cleaned up the streets.

Scenechange (6a)

Alan Tew

Black Dynamite and the militants leaving the warehouse.


David Snell

Nixon preparing to swing his nunchuck at Black Dynamite.

Pure Evil

Larry Hochman

Black Dynamite pimp slapping the First Lady.


Keith Mansfield

Black Dynamite and his crew arrive back at the warehouse.

Against the Clock

John Shakespeare

Black Dynamite fighting the guards at the white house.

Trap Door

David Lindup

Black Dynamite and his crew finding out what Anaconda Malt Liquor does to you.

Flying Fists (From Prisoner Cell Block H)

Brian Bennet

Black Dynamite and his crew taking down Fiendish Dr. Wu’s men.

Mood Macabre

Stan Tracey

O’leary points his gun at Black Dynamite.

Scenechange (3b)

Alan Tew

One of the militants telling Black Dynamite he is going to retire from the revolution and start a family before being stabbed in the chest with a spear.

Escape Route

David Snell

Black Dynamite confronting Nixon over the drug problem and his brother’s death.


Alan Hawkshaw

The militants getting killed off one by one.

The Plot

Brian Bennett

Black Dynamite’s crew getting close to solving the mystery.

George the Pumpkin

Bob & Barn

Plays during the scene when Black Dynamite rips out a henchman's eyes

Mountain Of Doom

Paul Arnold

Black Dynamite finds out Fiendish Dr. Wu is behind everything.

Running Sabotage

Johnny Pearson

Black Dynamite interrogating Fiendish Dr. Wu.


Sir Charles Hughes

Used throughout the film.

The Big One

Keith Mansfield

Black Dynamite gunning down the guards while falling with the parachute.

Brass Statement

Alan Tew

Guards corner Black Dynamite.

All out Pursuit

Chris Hajian

Black Dynamite and Nixon fighting each other with nunchucks.

Kill Them All

Paul Arnold

Plays during the scene when Black Dynamite rips out a henchman's eyes.

Big City - Closing

David Gold

Black Dynamite showing Nixon the photographs.

Impressions of a City

David Gold

Black Dynamite apologizing to the First Lady for pimp slapping her earlier.

Energy Vibrations

Johnny Pearson

Black Dynamite telling Cream Corn to take the controls as he jumps out of the copter.

Top Security

Trevor Bastow

Black Dynamite telling the militants they are going on a boat ride to Kung Fu Island.

Knife Fight

John Scott

Nixon karate kicks Black Dynamite out of the oval office, takes the pistol used to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln and points it at Black Dynamite.

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