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Can't Be Too Careful

Jennah Bell - Can't Be Too Careful - Single

Collin calls Val to ask her to braid his hair, after it was flat-ironed in Mama Liz's Salon

Feelin Myself

Mac Dre - Treal TV Soundtrack No. 2

Collin and Miles are at the Grand Re-opening party of Kwik Way

No Hoe

D-Lo - You Played Me - EP

Dezz picks Collin and Miles up in his uber to take them to a hipster party. Dezz has a gift for Collin, since he is now off probation.

Born In It

Chippass - Born In It

Collin, Miles and Dezz are eating in Dezz's car at the Kwik Way

Diggin' On James Brown

Tower Of Power - Soul Vaccination - Tower of Power Live

Colorful exterior and interior of Nancy's (Collin's mom) house.

Go to Work

Federation - The Album

Collin and Miles take the moving truck to West Oakland to move everything out of a couple's home.


Darondo - Legs - EP

Dinner at Miles and Ashley's apartment. They are about to smoke weed and Collin declines. Sean gives his dad a present.

All Around Me (feat. 4rAx)

J. Stalin - On Behalf of the Streets 2

At Miles and Ashley's apartment. Ashley is cooking dinner and Miles is counting his boat money. Collin is playing with their son, Sean.


Kehlani - SweetSexySavage (Deluxe)

Miles, Collin and Ashley are in the bathroom checking out Miles' new t-shirt. They all come into the living room to see their son Sean playing with a gun. They are all shocked.

Happy Hour

Weezer - Pacific Daydream

At the hipster party, Miles is really upset that Kwik-Way catered the party. He butts heads with Nak's friend Terry in the kitchen.

Crack the Ground (feat. Maxwell D)

Ruwanga Samath - Sundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

At the hipster party, Terry and Collin start to fight in the kitchen, then take it outside.

In the Pines (Oakland)

Fantastic Negrito - The Last Days of Oakland

First day off probation. Collin wakes up.

Lights Down Low (Not Your Dope Remix)

Max - Lights Down Low (Not Your Dope Remix) - Single

Collin and Miles enter a hipster party in a high-end loft and feel really out of place. They're face-to-face with people of the New Oakland.

Crack The Ground (feat. Maxwell D)

Ruwanga Samath, Maxwell D - Sundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

At the hipster party, Terry tells Collin and Nak about his run-in with Collin. Terry and Collin start to fight in the kitchen, then take it outside.

12 Gauge (feat. Wish Bone)

Krayzie Bone - Leathaface the Legends Underground Pt. 1

Hipster pushes Collin in front of The Alley and Collin punches back.

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