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Love Myself

Hailee Steinfeld - Jem and the Holograms (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Both times they dance at prom and the after party in the hotel

Gold & Glitter

Kari Kimmel - Gold & Glitter

01:28 The girls talk about their experiences with the boys.

Whoa Whoa

Icy Black

Parents are at the lake house (before Mitchell's beer bong), song plays when Sam & Chad are in the backyard by the pool on green raft.

Water Me

Lizzo - Water Me - Single

The kids are walking into the hotel after-party.

This Town

Niall Horan - Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 61

The scene where Maddy and her boyfriend are dancing in the hotel room right before they have sex.

Girl I Like

Jason Nova

01:13 Kayla and Conner enter the hotel room. [1:17] Kayla and Conner are about to engage in sex before Kayla changes her mind.

Let the Bomb Drop

Chick Norris - Fly Girls Do

01:17 Hunter looks for Sam at the hotel.

Mad or Nah (ft. Leo Soul)

Kil the Giant

00:50 The boys force Mitchell to butt chug the alcohol.

Feel the Music

Kid Wavy

01:22 Hunter looks for Chad at Sam's hotel room.

Hey Yeah (Good Time)

Kil the Giant - Rise to the Top

00:49 Julie is at the bedroom with Austin.

The Case

T-Flex - The Case - EP

00:43 The girls stick their heads out the limo.


Leo Soul

00:39 Hunter argues with Michell and Lisa.

Do Somethin'

Chick Norris

00:32 The girls arrive at prom. They take pictures.

I Think I Like You

Jordyn Kane

00:20 Brenda and Frank talks with Hunter.

Girls Shine

Love Kelli

00:18 Hunter talks with his daugther Sam about prom. The parents meet up. Mitchell meets Kayla's prom date.

Weirdo Freak

Nutso Bonkers

01:26 The parents talk about their kids at the bar area.

Mad or Nah

Kil the Giant - Rise to the Top

The boys force Mitchell to butt chug the alcohol.


Taio Cruz - Rokstarr

When the dad pulls up in the lemo before they left to prom

22 Car Garage

Skrilla Jones - The Man

00:46 The girls drink to their loss of innocence. Kayla takes drugs. The parents arrive at the lake house.

Good Life

Lucille Baller

00:36 Kayla convinces the girls to leave prom and go to the lake house.

Overture - The Marriage of Figaro

Lorne Balfe, Russell Emanuel & Steve Kofsky

00:56 Rudy plays this song in the limo as he races the parents.

Stick Up

Chick Norris - Life of the Party (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jake breakdances on the dancefloor before knocking out Hunter.

Hair Down

Kil the Giant - Rise to the Top

01:18 Mitchell argues with his daugther.


Icona Pop

00:06 The girls meet up at school.


Amillion Cash

Ending of movie

Love Myself

Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso - Haiz - EP

00:32 The girls dance along to this song at prom. Sam talks to Angelica. [1:29] Chad plays this song at the dance floor. Sam reveals she's a lesbian.


The Alan Parsons Project - The Essential Alan Parsons Project

00:14 Mitchell plays this song on his phone as Kayla walks downstairs with her new prom dress.


Jordyn Kane - You Must Be Crazy

Dancing at prom. When Sam walks up to Chad and kisses him.

Turn It Up

Skully Boyz - 100 Styles & Gunnin'

00:15 Kayla and her family arrive at the pre-party.

The Breeze

Dr. Dog - Fate

Trios first day at school.

Stick Up 

Chick Norris - A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:38 Jake breakdances on the dancefloor before knocking out Hunter.

Sweet Love

Anita Baker - 80's the Collection

00:40 The parents look through the window of Austin's house. [1:34] Mid credits scene.


Kari Kimmel

The girls talk about their experiences with the boys.

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