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Sporto Kantes - 3 at Last

00:01 First song played at Adele's 18th Birthday party


Sandro Silva & Quintino - Trap Remix - EP

00:01 Adèle and Emma at the pride parade.

On lâche rien

HK & Les saltimbanks

00:28 They sing this song as they protest.


Julien Blend

00:38 Song at the gay club as Adele walks around.

Live for Today

Dennis Winslow, Robert J. Walsh & Ronn L. Chick

00:43 First song as Adele walks through the lesbian bar.

Feel It Now

Alex Johnson, Chris Allen, Steve Satterthwaite

00:46 Emma talks to Adèle at the bar.

Bedlam Town

Bill Baylis and Julie Anne Tulley

00:50 Another song at the lesbian bar. Emmas friends ask her and Adele to go clubbing in Belgian.


El Timba - Descargando

00:51 Adele listens to this song as she writes in her diary as she sits at the window.

I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

Lykke Li - Rust and Bone (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

01:29 Song as they start dancing at Adeles 18th birthday party.

So Far S'good

Mark G Hart and Stephen Emil Dudas

01:50 The party scene where Emma debates Klimt and Schiele.

Visit The Stone

Mark G Hart and Stephen Emil Dudas

01:56 Adele awkwardly dances with a man at the gathering.

Bonbon (Guinée)

Marlène Ngaro & Mamadoudiam Camara

02:22 Adèle's class performs their dance.


Astro B boy

Second gay pride song


Astro B boy

Second gay pride song

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