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Fake Arms

Foreign Fields

They arrive at the hotel.

Hot Season (feat. Krystina)

Bass Over Babylon - Fade to Black

They work on the school's construction.

All 'Cause of You

The 88 - Over and Over

Fishing, swimming, kissing, and love scene.

Da Club

Joy Charity Enriquez

They escape the hotel to go to the boat party.

No One Here

The 88 - No One Here - EP

Dancing and kissing in the rain.

Hawk Eyes

The Kicks - Hawk Eyes

Beginning, the alarm wakes them up.

I Do

Dave Thomas Junior - The Prize

After the panther attack, everybody goes on with their lives; Dean and Emma survive on the island.

Leave Me as You Find Me

Josh Powell - Epic Indie

They are rescued from the island and brought back home.

December Days

Tim Hanauer - Time for Change

Back to their normal lives. Dean and Emma are unpopular.

Who wonts 2 Partee

Robbie Nevil

At the school dance, a boy looks at Emma's sister.

The Party's Here

Extreme Music

At the school dance, Emma talks to her friend and sees Dean outside the window.

Let's Take the World Tonight

Shane Harper

At the end, kissing in the rain.

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