Migos & Marshmello - Bright: The Album

Gangsters are playing this music while Ward goes in his garden to kill the fairy in front of his house.

That's My N****

Meek Mill, YG & Snoop Dogg - Bright: The Album

Jacoby picks up Ward and says "nice song" to the gangsters.

Cheer Up

Portugal. The Man - Bright: The Album

00:12 Ward tells Jakoby to do an impression of a silent Orc; Jakoby decides to take a shortcut through Eleven town.

Hammer Smashed Face

Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of the Mutilated

Orc love song from first car ride in police cruiser


Camila Cabello - Bright: The Album

00:13 Ward expresses distaste for Elf Town; the duo arrive at the precinct.

Cheer Up

Portugal the Man - Bright: The Album

Ward and Jakoby drive over the bridge to the police department.


Camila Cabello & Grey - Bright: The Album

Ward and Jacoby driving through the Elven District to the police station

FTW (F**k the World)

A$AP Rocky - Bright: The Album

00:24 IA officers recount the theory about Ward's shooting and Jakoby's pursuit of the suspect.

FTW (F**k the World)

A$AP Rocky & Tom Morello - Bright: The Album

First flashback from Jakoby chasing down the orc who shot Ward.

Hares On the Mountain

alt-J - Bright: The Album

Daryl Ward calls his wife while this song plays in the back of the bar

World Gone Mad

Bastille - Bright: The Album

Ward talking with Jakoby then shoots the corrupt cops.

Class Struggle

Corrupted Youth - Class Struggle

In the fogteeth orc club, while they are looking for Tikka

This Land Is Your Land

Sam Hunt - Bright: The Album

Soundtrack Album - Cover of original by Woody Guthrie.


DRAM - Bright: The Album

01:54 End credits, song #2.


DRAM & Neil Young - Bright: The Album

Second song during end credits

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