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Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

Franz Joseph Haydn

00:46 Bulworth arrives at the church.

Junto al Palmar del Bajío

Guillermo Portabales - Aquellas Lindas Melodías

00:13 Maureen picks up Kyra's bags from the Fashion store.

Joyful Joyful

Ludwig van Beethoven

00:47 The choir sings a song of rejoice as Bulworth arrives at the podium.

Ave generosa (Inst.) – Hildegarde von Bingen

Jordi Savall - The Forgotten Kingdom

00:30 Maureen drives her motorcycle to Lewis' house.

Church Organ

Henrik Nielsen

00:49 Organ music at the church as a woman argues with Murphy on Bulworth’s behavior.

Pavana (Anonyme)

Hespèrion XX, Jordi Savall - Elizabethan Consort Music, 1558-1603

00:52 Maureen leaves the train station and drives to Kyra's apartment.

Das Hobellied

Marlene Dietrich - Pop Masters: Das Hobellied

00:55 Maureen looks at pictures of Kyra at Fashion Week from her computer. She then undresses herself and tries on one of Kyra's clothing

Sheik of Araby

Jay Bulworth

01:07 Nina’s mother Is singing to herself at the kitchen as she makes dinner.

The Leaving of the Country Lover

Amazing Blondel - Going Where the Music Takes Me

01:06 Maureen watches a video from a movie which explains the seance.

Ultra Design (Alternative)

Wolfgang Stadele

00:20 Bulworth arrives at the dinner party. (0:23) Continues as Bulworth leaves the party.

The Miraculous

Anna von Hausswolff - The Miraculous

01:21 The unknown texter sends Maureen a message, demanding her to return back to the hotel room.

Bulworth Breakdown

Jay Bulworth, Big Yams & Vino

00:24 One of the ladies plays an instrumental beat of the song inside the limo. (0:38) Bulworth sings a rap song about capitalism.

Bounce to Da Beat


00:33 Bulworth dances with Nina.

Semper Fidelis

Band of the Grenadier Guards & Rodney Bashford - Sousa: Marches

00:01 First song as Jay Bulworth watches his political campaigns at the office.

It's Rainin'

God's Property - God's Property from Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation

00:14 A choir sings along to this song at the church.

Holiday / 12 Scanner

Witchdoctor - A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual

00:25 A homeless man confronts Bulworth outside the club.


Dr. Dre & LL Cool J - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:26 The bouncers inspect Bulworth as he enters the nightclub.


Cappadonna - The Pillage

00:27 Murphy confronts Bulworth of his erratic behavior at the church and fundraiser event.

Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)

Pras - Ghetto Supastar

00:29 Bulworth dances with Nina at the nightclub.

Bitches Are Hustlers Too

D-Fyne - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:30 Bulworth looks for Nina at the nightclub.

Maniac In the Brainiac

Mack 10 & Ice Cube - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:31 Murphy expressed concern to Bill about Bulworth's behavior.

Eve of Destruction

Eve - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:32 Bulworth starts rapping with Nina.

Joints & Jam

The Black Eyed Peas - Behind the Front

00:32 Bulworth raps a song as he brings Murphy and Bill ribs.

Freak Out (feat. Anonymous)

Nutta Butta - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:32 Murphy watches a man snort cocaine at the table.

Lunatics In the Grass

B-Real - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:32 Murphy steals the cocaine from the table.

The Chase

Robert F. "Prince Rakeem" Diggs & RZA - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:33 Plays briefly as Bulworth is dancing with the girls.

Firm Biz

Nas, AZ & Foxy Brown - The Album

00:34 First song Bulworth mixes on the record player.

Hot Booty

Esham - KKKill the Fetus

00:34 Second song Bulworth mixes on the record player.

The Washington Post

John Phillip Sousa Orchestra - Spirit of America

00:36 Bulworth arrives at the fundraiser.

Stars and Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa & United States Marine Band - Stars and Stripes Forever

01:06 Plays on the television as a reporter talks about Bulworth’s fundraising event.

Kill Em Live

Public Enemy - Bulworth the Soundtrack

00:48 Bulworth and Nina steals a limo and drives away from the church.

100 Miles and Runnin'

N.W.A. - N.W.A. Greatest Hits

01:02 Bulworth leaves the debate and drives with Nina to South Central Los Angeles.

Insane In the Brain

Cypress Hill - Greatest Hits from the Bong

01:05 Bulworth watches a car slowly pass by Nina’s house. (1:08) Nina is walking around the neighborhood. (1:12) Bulworth gets into a car with L.D.


Crucial Conflict - The Final Tic

01:09 The kids sing this song after Bulworth buys them ice cream.

The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit

Ice Cube - Death Certificate (25th Anniversary Edition)

01:14 Bulworth steals L.D.’s car and drives to his interview at a news station.

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