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Silent Island

Modesto Duran & Orchestra

Joy elegantly saunters down the marble hotel corridors.

Stand Up

Sly and the Family Stallone

CALL JANE Trailer (2022) Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver Movie

Having A Call

Hugo Montenegro - Simply Ballroom 2

Joy stops by the ballroom, her husband Will waves to her.

Best Things in Life

The Dreamliners

Joy & Will drive home discussing the DNC protests. It’s August 1968 in Chicago.

Swing Stuff

Gerd Kadenbach

a local Chicago radio station jingle in Joy & Will's car.

Sister Ray

The Velvet Underground

Joy cooks dinner & dances in the kitchen with her daughter Charlotte until Joy suddenly collapses.

Let There Be Drums

Sandy Nelson - The Very Best of Sandy Nelson

Joy forges a check from her husband’s checkbook & goes to the bank to cash it.

Sweet Misery

Janis Ian - The Secret Life Of J. Eddy Fink

Joy rushes out of a shady abortion clinic and has nowhere to turn.

5/4 Jazz

Gerhard Trede

Joy meets Virginia & the Janes collective for the first time. They guide her through abortion aftercare.

Blues At Twilight

Art Pepper - The Art Pepper Quartet

Joy returns to the Janes collective headquarters and Virginia tries to recruit her to join the Janes.

In Our Time

Lee Hazlewood - Lee Hazlewoodism: It's Cause And Cure (Expanded Edition)

Joy brings cookies to the Janes collective headquarters which is lively and buzzing with activity. (Nancy Sinatra recording)

What's Goin' On Down There

Malvina Reynolds - Sings the Truth

Joy takes a hand held mirror & looks between her legs, only to be awkwardly interrupted by her teenage daughter Charlotte.

Sycamore Dreamer

Morning Dew

Joy & Gwen get stoned

Last Call

Plas Johnson - Bop Me Daddy

Virginia and Dr. Dean play strip poker and strike a deal.

Double Determination

Liz McCall - Boy from Crosstown / Double Determination - Single

Joy takes matters into her own hands, marches into the medical library, steals a textbook on female anatomy & discovers Dr. Dean never went to medical school.

I'm Headed In The Right Direction

Gloria Parker

Joy practices the procedure on pumpkins & makes a kitchen full pumpkin pies.

Latin Cafe

Bert Shefter, Paul Sawtell

Joy, Will & Charlotte have family dinner & Joy’s attitudes have changed to Will’s dismay.

Early in the Morning

Vanity Fair - Hitchin' a Ride

A montage of the Janes taking care of business without Dr. Dean; they're fully self sufficient now.

Petey's Sweeties

Nicholas Carras - Mr. Peters' Pets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Will seeks comfort and advise from their neighbor Lana.

Let The Sunshine In

Jennifer Warnes

The Janes burn the cards as they’re no longer needed now that Roe v. Wade has passed. Joy & Virginia talk about what issue to tackle next: equal pay! End credits.

Following in Front

Cathy Young - A Spoonful of Cathy Young

Joy tidies up Charlotte’s room and flips through her record collection.

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