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How Shall I See You Through My Tears

Sacha Allen - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Opening theme performed by most of the campers, along with a montage of some of them before attending Camp Ovation.

The Size of a Cow

The Wonder Stuff - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The first audition for the kids at camp, also during the arrival of Stephen Sondheim.

I'm Still Here

Brittany Pollack, Julie Kleiner, Caitlin Van Zandt

Montage of campers performing the song as part of their audition for the 1971 play "Follies."


The Replacements - All for Nothing/Nothing for All

Background music when Vlad and Michael discuss their respected sexualities, and later when they discuss their difficulties at home.

Last Song On Blue Tape

Reindeer Section - Son of Evil Reindeer

Montage of Vlad and Ellen with one another, before Jill puts the moves on him.

Turkey Lurkey Time

Alana Allen - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sung during a performance of the musical "Promises, Promises."

And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going

Joanna Chilcoat

Ellen performs the song in an adaptation of "Dreamgirls," and spooks Petie into running off-stage.

I Believe In Us

Warren Wiebe - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

After her performance in "Dreamgirls" Ellen tells Vlad about how her father told her she's not as pretty as the rest of 5 Million people.

Ladies Who Lunch

Alana Allen - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Started by Jill who vomits between lines in the song, then taken over by Fritzi, who brings the curtain down.

Moving On Up

M People - Beverly Hills, 90210 (The College Years)

The campers throw a birthday party in drag for Michael.

I Sing For You

Daniel Latterle - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sung by Vlad with a counselor, until Bert interrupts him and tell them to give up on their dreams.

Century Plant

Aisha Dehaas - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Performed by many of the campers as a ploy to convince Bert Hanley that his music is worthwhile.


Snow Patrol - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Montage of kids rehearsing after Bert changes his mind about them.

Right On Be Free

The Voices of East Harlem - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Vlad tries to find out if what he heard about Michael and Dee is true.

Here's Where I Stand

Tiffany Taylor - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jenna performs the song, as an attempt to convince her father to let her perform at camp without her jaw wired shut.

Round Are Way

Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory? [Deluxe Remastered Edition]

Ellen agrees to date Vlad before skinny dipping, which completely perplexes Michael.

The Want of a Nail

Aisha Dehaas - Camp (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Closing theme performed by practically every kid at Camp Ovation.

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