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Ends of the Earth

Lord Huron - Endless Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

00:18 Song while Sue and Tommy are having sex in the car.

Come Alive

Hanni El Khatib - Will the Guns Come Out

00:20 Song playing as Chris, Tina and Billy talk about Carrie and make her a fake online profile.

Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Gospel - 20 Classic Hymns Live

00:21 Carries mother sings this song as she cuts fabric.

Hip Hop Kids

Portugal the Man - Evil Friends

Tommy asks Carrie to prom.

Hip Hop Kids

Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends

00:39 Tommy talks to Carrie in the school cafeteria. He asks her to prom.

Let Me Go

HAIM & Ludwig Göransson

00:53 Sue is hanging decorations for the prom on the ladder in the auditorium. Song plays before she vomits.

Let Me Go

HAIM - Carrie (Music From the Motion Picture)

00:53 Sue is hanging decorations for the prom on the ladder in the auditorium. Song plays before she vomits.

Diane Young

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

00:55 Song as the girls and boys prepare for prom.

His Amazing Grace

Tennessee Ernie Ford - Vintage Gospel, Vol. 2

01:00 Carrie plays this song on the radio to muffle her mother in the closet as Tommy arrives.

Dust To Dust

The Civil Wars

01:04 Slow song at the prom. Carrie and Tommy dance.

All the Days

HAERTS - Haerts

01:07 They get ready to announce the king and queen of prom.

Take a Walk

Passion Pit & Galantis - Carrie (Music From the Motion Picture)

01:09 Song at the prom as they rig the votes for king and queen.

Take a Walk

Passion Pit - Gossamer

01:09 Song at the prom as they rig the votes for king and queen.

Lights Out

Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony

01:10 carrie kills people on the prom

I Can Hardly Make You Mine


01:34 First song during end credits.

The Birth of Carrie

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Margaret gives birth to Carrie in her bedroom

Carrie On

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie arrives at the swimming pool and plays water volleyball with the girls

When Periods Attack

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie starts to take a shower then gets her period for the first time, the other girls throw tampons and pads at her

Strange Love

Abandon All Ships - Geeving

oficial soundtrack cd

Go To Your Closet

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie asks her mum why she didn’t tell her about getting her period, Margaret makes Carrie go to her closet and pray for forgiveness


Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Margaret picks Carrie up from school and takes her home, Margaret starts to bang her head against the wall

Mind Over Matter

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Sue and the other girls exercise on the field as punishment for throwing tampons at Carrie, Chris objects and walks off, Carrie takes study hall and researchers her powers

Love You Too, Mom

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Margaret goes to Carries closet and finds her asleep in the floor, Margaret tells Carrie she loves her and Carrie says it back


Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie shops for a prom dress

Sue Gets An Idea

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Sue comes home and sees her dress that Margaret made for her for the prom

Trapped in the Closet

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie locks Margaret in the closet so she doesn’t attempt to scare Tommy away; (repeats) Margaret tries to break out of the closet.

Kill 'Em All

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie locks all the students in the school and starts killing them, Carrie is about to kill Mrs. Dejarden but spares her as she was kind to her, then levitates herself out of the school

Driving Her Crazy

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Chris texts her dad to come and pick her up, Billy snatches the phone from her hand, Carrie catches up to them and stops the car just as they try to run her down killing Billy then kills Chris last

Heading Home

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie heads home covered in blood, she runs herself a bath and washes it all off

Burn In Hell

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Sue goes to visit Carries grave and has a nightmare about giving birth to a demon baby, her mum wakes her up and comforts her ending scene

Levitated Mass

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie levitates books and her bed in her room

Blood Bath

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Chris pulls the rope and drops the bucket of blood on Carrie and Tommy after winning Prom king and queen

Mommie Dearest

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Margaret and Carrie pray and Margaret stabs Carrie in the back (literally) Carrie kills Margaret

Preparing for Prom

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Carrie making her prom dress, Chris and Billy sneak into the school to set up the blood prank, Sue put her dress back in her closet

House Crumbles

Marco Beltrami - Carrie

Sue shows up at Carries house after killing he mum and tries to help Carrie, Carrie refuses her help and tells Sue she’s pregnant with a girl, Carrie makes her leave, the house collapses to the ground

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