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California (Girly-Sound Version)

Liz Phair - The Girly-Sound Tapes

Holden and Alyssa discuss their comics

The Impression That I Get

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Digimon: The Movie (Music from the Motion Picture)

Plays at the bar while Banky ans Hooper X argue over whether comic-book characters Archie and Jaghead were lovers.

Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya, Man!

Public Enemy - 25th Anniversary Collection

Cohee Lundin explains how Alyssa got the nickname of 'fingercuffs'.

Run's House


Banky and Holden collaborate on their comic work together.


Joey Lauren Adams

Alyssa sings this at the Meow Mix.

Let's Go

Ernie Isley

Plays after title sequence. In New York Comic Convention.

Live Wire

The Meters - The Very Best of the Meters

Hooper pretends to shoot Banky

Run's House (Single Version)

Run DMC - Greatest Hits

In their apartment, Holden and Banky work on the comic.

Run's House

Run DMC - Run-DMC: Greatest Hits

Holden and Banky work on the comic in their apartment

Red Alert

K5 - Passion - EP

Holden discovers that Alyssa is a lesbian and Banky realises that they are in a gay bar

Insomnia (Monster Mix)


Holden, Banky and Alyssa sit around a table at the club

Run's House


Banky and Holden collaborate on their comic work together.



Banky and Alyssa trade their sex wound stories

I Don't Care

Flipp - Flipp (20th Anniversary Platinum Edition)

Holden and Banky wait outside of Jim Hicks' office

We're in It for the Money

Choreboy - Good Clean Fun... My A**

Jim and Shawn offer Holden and Banky the Bluntman and Chronic TV show deal

Jump Start

The Hang Ups - He's After Me

Played during the Holden/Alyssa hanging out montage.

Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But the Rent

Gwen Guthrie - Number 1's: Dance

Holden and Alyssa talks while playing darts at the bar. Alyssa eventually leaves, and Banky and Hooper join Holden.

Puppy Love

Barbara Lewis - The Complete Atlantic Singles

Holden and Alyssa eat at the diner

Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet (Deluxe Edition)

Banky explains Finger Cuffs to Holden, and a guy shares an incident from a grocery store.

Prelude #2 in C Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

Played after Alyssa storms out of Holden's car.


Petra Haden - Imaginaryland

Holden confesses his love to Alyssa

My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook

Annette Peacock - X Dreams

Alyssa talks to her friends about dating a guy

Lucky One

Soul Asylum

Holden and Alyssa make out

Have You Seen Mary


Plays while Holden and Hooper are on the CD store.

Be Yourself

Whodini & Millie Jackson - Whodini: Greatest Hits

A young kid asks Hooper to sign his comic

Be Yourself


A young kid asks Hooper to sign his comic.



Played after Holden and Alyssa fight over the hockey game.

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